Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Neighborly love...

Today Jeff and I went to the house to see how far along it is getting. I am somewhat dismayed, and somewhat pleased at the same time. I took some photos but don't have the equipment to upload them right now. Anyways, as we were leaving this lady came up to me and introduced herself as our neighbor. Let me just say that she had me at the initial greeting. I'll describe the encounter:

Jeff puts his hand out and says "hi" and she says "huh uh" "I am in medical (something or other) and shaking hands is one of the fastest ways to spread diseases like scabies. You need to learn to bow." She bowed at us. I laughed and said "Oh, like the chinese," and she said "yes, like the japanese." hehe. She is a mature black woman in her mid-forties or fifties. You can't quite tell because most african american women have a timeless look to them. At least for me. She went on to introduce her husband, a retired airforceman who walks with a cane and has a kind smile and a salt and pepper beard. He had very kind eyes, as did she. Then she asked me to show her the back yard, because she'd noticed our grape vine had grown over into her side, and also our rose bush was peeking through the fence, and she wanted to see what else we had. So we led her through the overgrown fence, and showed her the magical wonderland that has become our backyard. In the few months it has been neglected, our yard has become a forest of beautiful flowers, weeds, and tall grasses. The woman was absolutely pleased to see the rose bush and refered to it as "she", she also refered to the the grape vine as "she." I liked it. She told me she is a vegetarian and believes that all plants and life in general have souls and spirits living inside them that need to be nurtured. She asked if she could have some of the seeds coming from our cumquat tree and any other fruit trees. I told her of course! She also informed me that she had been taking care of a beautiful tree in our front yard, watering it and such!!! I am SO greatful to have these neighbors! Not only are they unique and eclectic, they are a HUGE change from the roofers that lived there only weeks before. They care about their yard and their home, and want to be friendly neighbors. I absolutely enjoyed meeting them, and plan on planting organic fruits and vegetables and bringing them over to my new neighbors. I think this could become a beautiful environment that Jeff and I are about to live in. Not only do we have great next-door neighbors, but our across-the-street neighbor is also a very kind police officer who I remember from when I worked as a 911 operator. So I just have to go over there and re-introduce myself and meet the family and perhaps we will have a neat little neighborhood family??? Who knows, maybe I dream big but I can't wait to get started!

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Dan and Merideth said...

Yea for good neighbors! When i started reading i thougt you were going to totally hate them LOL