Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Meghan!

This is Meghan and Me at my Wedding.
This is my sister, Meghan. A LONG TIME AGO!

This is my sister, Meghan (on the far right), with me (left), and Rebekah (middle).

This is my sister, Meghan, NOW!!! AHHH!!! Just kidding... that's us having fun with face masks.

And here's us at Christmas.

Those are all the photos I have of her for now. Meghan is very special to me, and in honor of her birthday, which fell on April 25th (sunday), I decided to do a blog post talking about how awesome Meghan is. Noticing a theme? Everyone that matters a great deal to me gets their blog post. That's how it works.

Meghan is 26 now. I cannot believe how much she has accomplished in such a short time. Here are 26 things MEGHAN has done in her 26 years:

1. Graduated High School with A GPA of higher than 4.0

2. Graduated from UTAustin with 3 degrees.

3. Joined the Peace Corps and lived in Togo, Africa for 2 years.

4. Travelled to Thailand, Taiwan, France, and probably more countries than I can name.

5. Lived in Korea and taught children how to speak English.

6. Lived in Honduras and taught at a school there.

7. Worked at Whataburger despite being mocked for it. (these are not in order by the way)

8. Convinced me (as children) that her nerds candy weighed more than mine even after my step mom made it clear they weigh the boxes at the factory and it wasn't possible.

9. Always wins at Monopoly.

10. Got me to sit in the PEE seat everytime we rode in my Dad's Volvo (I was unaware of this fact until a few years ago)

11. Ate dog food once

12. Adopted a Korean Dog, shipped him back to the US, Rode-tripped it with me to Vegas to pick him up and bring him back to Colorado, and rehabilitated him for the last few months.

13. Left a dude on the highway because he threw a fit and threatened to walk home... she let him

14. Told someone she couldn't go out on a date because she had to "spend time with my cat"

15. Died her hair bright red like Bozo the Clown... it was hilarious

16. Told me she loved me when we thought the airplane was going to crash on the way from Taiwan to Hong Kong... we even held hands and giggled the whole time... don't tell anyone

17. After turning around and not killing us, they put us up in a hotel in Taiwan. She shared the honeymoon suite with me and I convinced her to try the Bidet... another hilarious moment.

18. Taught African women more nutritional ways of cooking for their families

19. Taught African people how to use condoms... sounds like an awkward convo to me...

20. Embraced Jeff into the family with open arms, and even defended him when I get mad at him...

21. Managed to astonish me with her ability to drive with Grandma-like reflexes and speeds... it's quite amazing to watch this woman consistantly drive at least 5 miles UNDER the speed limit

22. Also managed to astonish me with her ability to eat massive quantities of candy (ie. Sour Straws) and still maintain her girlish figure... it's impressive

23. Meghan used to be on the Debate team in high school even though I gave her tons of crap for it... it's served her well in life

24. Meghan was my Maid of Honor

25. Meghan has become one of my VERY best friends in this world, one of the few people I can call more than once a day and just talk about anything... something no one would have guessed when we were little and plotting each other's deaths

26. Meghan is a hilarious person, and made my childhood very entertaining.

So that's a little bit about Meghan. I wanted to add the very most important thing about Meghan last. Meghan is a wonderful sister. She takes such good care of me. I couldn't ask for a better big sister. She's loving, kind, and helps me sort through a lot of my weird, neurotic issues. She and I can laugh really hard, and I really appreciate that about her. Meghan is one of the most fiercly loyal people I know, and that is one of the very most important qualities a person can have in my eyes. She's a beautiful person, with a beautiful soul. I thank God so very much for giving me a sister that makes me feel as loved and makes me feel as much love as I feel for my big sister.

Happy Birthday, Meghan. You are Awesome.

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