Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's Fave's!

I enjoyed myself so much last week, I felt that it was essential that I repeat myself by finding even more hilarious YouTube videos and online photos for your viewing pleasure...

I'm going to start with another delightful site,


in fact, here's one I probably should've submitted myself:


Here's the YouTube video of the week:

This is from a real news story they remixed... this actually made this man and his sister famous, which may help them get out of the projects... sooooo I feel we should help keep him famous. Here's another good video for the week:

Heehee... can we say drugs?

Aaaand finally, because I am just so excited for halloween, I wanted to post some of the most awesome homemade costumes I've ever seen:

Next are the people who have inspired me for one of the 3 group ideas I'm going to let my group vote on:

Schweet huh???
I also loved the idea of being troll Dolls especially cause we have boys and it will be hilarious!

And last but not least... ITSA MARIO-A CART-A!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Theron & Melissa said...

This totally made my day! I wish I could be a treasure troll with you! Or a care bear...tough choices! Yes to drugs on the double rainbow, and I totally think you should submit your picture! LOVE IT!