Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I was a Model for Farouk/Chi...

It all started with answering a Craigslist ad.... I went to a hair model casting and was picked 1st!!! By Mickey and Bradley! And I'm so glad they picked me... because they took me from this:
to this:
See... Mickey originally wanted to take me blonder... but after I told him he could do anything he wanted, he decided I needed to be copper. And I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! So Saturday was prepday! That day they dyed my hair 3x, and created the awesome color I have now. It took a long freakin time, but I was happy with the results.

SUNDAY: I was picked to be an updo model, but also to walk the runway with the other models. They did the coolest stuff with my hair. First, they flat ironed it into ribbons, using Chi's "Helmet Head" spray, and a Chi flat iron... if I didn't love my T3 so much, I would totally rock a Chi flat iron.
It ended up looking like an alien/edward scissorhands type of hairdo. Then I got to rock the runway with this look.

While Mickey and Bradley cut hair like fiends on the runway, we danced in the background and posed and whatnot.
Then, for the finale of each show (we did about 10, 1-hour shows), they put on the song "New York," by Jay-Z, and rocked my hair into an updo... one that looked very much like the Statue of Liberty.

And here are some shots of the various up-do's that were created... each one unique yet similar depending on the show...

And after each show, they then re-ironed my hair into ribbons and then re-updid it.

Another model go to wear the COOLEST outfit, and rock out with a guitar!!! That headpiece was soooo cool, and apparently very heavy as well.

This is me and Melissa, she was such a pleasure to work with!

Here's me... and then below, me and Gabriela, she and her husband hung out with me a lot and her husband, a budding photography student, took most of the good pictures I have on here. They are really awesome and we will probably be hanging out with them more in the future.And the final photo... Mickey, Bradley, Melissa and I ended the show with a great photo! So fun!
Overall, this was one of the best weekends of my life! I felt beautiful, glamorous, and totally happy to be a part of something. I really grew to respect the Chi/Farouk brand, learned a lot, and had a ton of fun hanging out with the awesome stylists. Mickey was a really fun, charismatic, talented hair stylist originally from Australia who currently is a superstar stylist in Canada. Bradley is a salon owner from North Carolina, he's more reserved than Mickey, but together they are hilarious and play off each other nicely. They even have action figures!
Everyone kept telling me how beautiful I was, and most people thought I was a real model. Haha. It got me thinking. I might try doing more of this type of thing in the future. Maybe even try getting paid for it someday. Who knows! All I know is, my self-esteem got a much needed boost, and I had so much fun making friends and being around people with great energy and a love for what they do. It was very refreshing! I think every woman has a right to feel as beautiful as I did last weekend.
I got to do something I have always wanted to do, one more thing I got to cross off my list. I think this weekend really recharged my batteries, and reminded me that life is too short to not try new things, and chase after dreams. I have always wanted to walk a runway, and this will probably be the last runway I, at 5'2", will ever walk... but I rocked that freakin' runway, and if I ever get the chance to, I'll rock it again!
Blog Out.

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Liz said...

That's so awesome! I love the hair styles and I'm glad you go to have such a fun time!