Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I have an Exciting Life!

OK... I have to tell you guys about my day today. I think today is the first day I have felt so incredibly happy to simply be alive, and be alive in my own personal life!!

It actually didn't start out so hot. I woke up in a sour mood, but I didn't let myself sulk, I just forced myself to be happy. And I was.

First off, I got an offer to be in a hair show! So friday I am going in for a consultation to make sure they don't want to chop my hair off, and if all goes well, I'll be in that show Sunday or Monday. Yay!

2nd, I was a weekend winner through my fave radio station, 96.7 KISS FM! I won the new Maroon 5 CD, Hands All Over. It's pretty sweet. I picked it up today and was SO excited because I NEVER win anything! Also, I happen to LOVE Maroon 5.

3rd, today was my 2nd day teaching the Coorperate Wellness class for Jake/with Jake. We had it outside, and halfway through we had a freak rainstorm. It was hilarious! We worked out through it, and everyone was a good sport about it. I really like the women in my class (it's all women so far). They are really nice and listen well to direction.

4th, After we taught class, we grabbed some dinner at a place that follows the macrobiotic diet, it was REALLY good, and I feel like Jake and I are making some good progress with business plans and stuff. I'm really greatful to have a good friend in him.

5th, I just signed up for a FLYING TRAPEZE CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIfe does NOT get better than this! I'm telling you. I'm high on life right now.

Peace out.

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