Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just Stuff

It's been a great week for me. I went to Houston on Sunday with my Aunts and spent some time with my parents, and my sister, April, who just had a baby. That's neice #2 for me, and I am a happy Aunt. She's a beautiful little girl, sweet natured, and looks just like her brother. April is doing so well, which made me relieved.

The only issue with the trip was my Aunt's horrific snoring. I'm considering paying for her C-pap machine myself. It was horrendous.

Akira is doing really well. She's been peeing in her litter box like a champ. Cloud (aka Puppy), is also doing really well. He's just so dang clingy. He's also getting a little fat, so now I'm having to work on cutting back his food a little bit.

Jeff's work situation is still stressful. We're working on solutions to that. My work, on the other hand, is going great, and I can only hope to add more clients soon since the Christmas bug has left me with too much free time.

Speaking of Christmas... I bought myself something on one of those couture-for-less sites (I believe this one was I decided that for Christmas, I earned a new purse. Betsey Johnson is one of my favorite designers... so enjoy this little peice of eye candy I just got in the mail:

It looks better in person, this is just an iPhone shot.

I suppose it was a little lavish, but I feel like I have earned it, and I'll be toting it around daily, so I think it's worth the money. I got it for a steal.

I'm not sure what to get Jeff for Christmas. In fact, the only person I have any gifts for so far is Adelaide, and 1 stocking stuffer for Jeff.

Nothing else exciting is happening. No funny stories really. But if anyone is out there searching for some good sites for christmas ideas, I have some good ones for you, here they are:

Good luck christmas gift hunting!!!

Blog Out.

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