Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

My First Flip Video Blog!!!

This year we went all out with our Christmas Decorations! We were given tons of lights from both my Mom, and Jeff's Dad. It looks pretty good, better in person.

Jeff's hilarious bunny footie PJ's:

My awesome sock monkey PJ's... I'm wearing them right now ;)Our tree with all the presents underneathThis year we had the Pajama Party Christmas Eve at our house. This is me putting the "healthy" cookies in the oven.

I asked Gabriella to take a few photos, so she took the one above and this one of Jason about to serve up some grub.

Here we are all around the table. I tried to take "honest" photos where no one knew I was taking them... Jeff's dad was on to me...
Jason, Gabby, and Merideth chatting... Susan chatting with Baby Adelaide :)

Jeff and Andrew discussing LOL, Dan listening intently, Dan's nephew chatting with Jason.

We tricked puppy into wearing his santa hat.. he's so cute/not pleased

But he defeated the hat and decided it was his friend.

Here are Akira's and My Stockings

Jeff's and Cloud/Puppy's Stockings..

My pile of Loot

Jeff's Loot

Puppy's Loot (Akira's is not pictured because she wouldn't pose)

Jeff digging in...
Me, waiting patiently
In the aftermath, Puppy got tuckered out and took a quick Christmas nap
He's just uncontrollably cute

But even more cute... Check out these guys. Chris and Adelaide fell asleep together at Jeff's Parents after Christmas Linner (Lunch/Dinner)

Look closely at this photo... do you see the evil Cat? That's not one of mine...

So cute.

Then we watched A Christmas Story and hung out and opened presents. It was nice.

Blog Out.

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Theron & Melissa said...

Very cute! I'm glad you had a very happy Christmas :D