Friday, July 1, 2011

Impossible Dream Birthday Wish List

As my good friends know, I'm turning 25 on July 29th!!! To celebrate my birthday, I decided to come up with an Impossible Dream Birthday Wish List! It's all the things I wish I could have, but know will probably never happen... but are fun to dream about anyway! So here goes:

Impossible Dreams that I HOPE will someday come true!!!!

First off, I want this Street Strider. It's amazing. I want it so bad.

I also want this awesome underwater treadmill!! How sweet is this??

A cruise around the WORLD!!!

I want my own castle in France, complete with moat.

A Trike! I would make this baby look good.

The ability to fly (1st class of course) to any destination I desire, at any time I desire, no matter what.

I want to have a boy first (I know, I'm not supposed to want this... but little girls need big brothers in their lives), and I want to decorate his room like this, and have little monster dolls and fun stuff like godzilla toys and off-beat decor.

Then, when I have a little girl, I want to deck her room out in all the glitz and glamour imaginable and have the room's showpeice be the crib below... awesome... I know, something is seriously wrong with me, but this is what I want...

A brand new wardrobe that looks just like this, and a shopping spree to fill such a beautiful room with gorgeous, designer outfits!

A Beautiful, Amazing sports car such as this one...

I want my own Personal Chef to cook me all my meals and keep me healthy with a happy tummy and even happier taste buds!

I want to eat authentic Phad Thai from a stand in Thailand.

I want to backpack Europe. With my friends.

I want to go back to Rottenburg and bring Jeff with me so he can see how amazing it is.

I want a gorgeous modern house on the beach... the nice beach... like with waves and clear water.

I want a lab puppy to take on runs with me...

I want a Macbook Pro 2012

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