Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quarter Century Birthday....

I'm turning 25 on Friday. I don't anticipate I'll post, so I figured I would post today.

I'm going to turn this into an easy read. Basically I want to catolog 25 things I am proud of accomplishing thus far in my life, and then 25 things I hope to accomplish in my 25th year. I'll post about my party after it happens this saturday! Paintball!!! woooO!!!

25 things I am proud I have accomplished (or am just lucky to have had) in my 25 years...

1. Being born Butt first... I take great pleasure in knowing that my first act in this world was mooning the doctor.

2. Being Muffin's Mom. (And Akira and Puppy's mom as well)

3. Sky Diving. Rock Climbing. Caving.

4. Graduating High School with Honors and college credits.

5. Marrying Jeff (these are in no particular order by the way)

6. Overcoming the Tumor on my nose, and not letting it defeat me nor allowing myself to use it as a crutch.

7. Becoming a Personal Trainer.

8. Living in Virginia Beach and making such wonderful friends/memories there.

9. Working at Disney World as Alice, and making such wonderful friends/memories there.

10. Expanding my Food Horizons, and learning to LOVE sushi and many other foods I used to refuse to try.

11. Learning German and Going to Germany with my Mom.

12. Going to Taiwan with my Dad, Step-Mom, and 2 Sisters.

13. Meeting Brian, and being with him while he dealt with, and finally succombed to his brain tumors. I learned a lot from that experience and met an amazing man in the process.

14. Growing up with Jonathan, Valerie, Meghan, and Rebekah as my siblings. I couldn't ask for more fun siblings to have, I was never lonely with them by my side.

15. Owning my own business, and making it grow, and making friends in the process.

16. Taking gymnastics at 21! I finally learned to do a back hand spring and a front flip!

17. Moving to Austin when I was 20, the reasons might have been horrific, but in the end it was one of the hardest/best things I ever did for myself.

18. Kickboxing. I love it. I am so happy I got into it.

19. Learning to Ski at age 19.

20. Dying my hair red. I know... it's kinda stupid to put on here, but I am really happy I switched to red.

21. Meeting my best friends, and managing to stay in touch with most of them (even if some of them are only through facebook).

22. Becoming close friends with my sister, Meghan, whom I used to fight with like crazy.

23. Becoming an Oil Painter.

24. Purchasing and renovating a house (I'm not super happy about this, but I am proud of what we have accomplished).

25. Flying Trapeze! I flew in the air with the greatest of ease!!!

25 things I hope to accomplish this year:

1. Make Mostly A's in school, and not drop out of any classes.

2. Re-introduce Dairy into my diet

3. Finish the house (aka get a stair railing, finish the fireplace, finish the kitchen, and the master bath)

4. Get close to finishing my bachelor's degree.

5. Go on the cruise and the vacation I won at that time-share presentation.

6. Keep my PCOS "borderline" and not allow myself to get worse.

7. Pay off my Yaris.

8. Pay off our credit card debt.

9. Go to DC to visit my Mom and Step-Dad.

10. See my Sister, Meghan, more than once.

11. Continue growing my relationship with my husband, and pick up a hobby together.

12. Compete in a triathalon or body competition (I haven't decided yet).

13. Get a bike. Ride it.

14. Think about having kids. Then decide to wait till I have more money.

15. Finish my paintings for my Dad and step-Dad, and maybe crack off another for someone else.

16. Sell a painting.

17. Learn to Wind Surf, Surf, Water Ski, or some other water sport.

18. Get over my fear of Scuba Diving and try it out while I'm on vacation.

19. Eat more vegetables.

20. Take better care of my skin/wear sunscreen.

21. Make more friends.

22. Get out of the house more, go to events in Austin and make myself have more fun!

23. Hang out with my Aunts more, play cards, and eat Salsa.

24. Make more contacts to further my career.

25. Refresh and learn more German.


JAG said...

Like, like, like!

Sami Dara said...

Love this post. You have accomplished alot and have great goals for the future!