Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Progress on my Pre-Baby Bucket List

Some of these just aren't going to happen, some of these have already happened, and some will hopefully happen soon. Here's the bucket list I made back in September, the ones crossed off in black are accomplished, the ones crossed off in red can no longer be accomplished.

1. Sell our house (closing 12/19/12)
2. Move in to our new apartment and completely finish unpacking(11/2012)
3. Visit San Francisco
4. Get a manicure
5. Get a pedicure
6. Stay up late and watch scary movies
7. Sleep in late while I still can
8. Road Trip with my Mom to California
9. Dress up as a Sumo Wrestler for Halloween
10. Make a new friend in California
11. Take a Lamaze or some sort of Birthing Class
12. Take a Hypnobirthing class
13. Do pre-natal yoga
14. Try Pre-natal Pilates
15. Swim
16. Spend a day out shopping for clothes, baby items, whatever I want
17. Get the Nursery completely decorated and set up for the baby
18. Install the carseat in my car, and put a carseat base in Jeff's car
19. Go to a Farmers Market in California
20. See a movie at the theater (while I still can)
21. See my Sister Valerie before I move
22. See my Sister Rebekah, my Dad and Bev before I move
23. See my Sister Meghan before I move

24. Make at least one thing I've pinned on Pinterest
25. Spend some quality time with my mom before I leave, painting or getting pampered
26. Spend some quality time with my niece Adelaide and my sister-in-law Liz

27. Have a Marathon Movie or TV show night (Lord of the Rings and Alias so far)
28. Have a Baby Shower
29. Find a Mommy and Me type play group to start integrating myself into California
30. Have a date night with Jeff somewhere fun or fancy
31. Find a Newborn Photographer to do photos of our baby
32. Get Maternity Photos taken??? I don't know if this one really needs to be professionally done but maybe by my mom or husband or something...
33. Enjoy a nice bath and a book
34. Read an entire book (I tend to stop reading 3/4ths of the way through most books.. ADD)
35. Read an entire pregnancy/baby prep book or two or 15
36. Find a new OBGYN in California that I actually like (Kinda sorta like... )
37. Write out a birth plan (did that today)
38. Make my own crib mobile
39. Start Playing the Piano again
40. Explore Petaluma
41. Go to the beach
42. Go on a mini babymoon with Jeff... even if it's just to San Fran
43. Have a girls night with Liz and Merideth and whoever else wants to join us
44. Play Just Dance 4 when it comes out
45. Try the crazy icecream flavors at Lick in Austin
46. Have a weird pregnancy craving and give in to it
47. Get a foot massage from Jeff
48. Find some comfortable pregnancy PJs
49. Get a 3D ultrasound
50. Go to South Congress one last time before I leave

not bad eh?

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