Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Saving Money on Baby Stuff

I feel so thrifty right now! I am thrilled with how well I was able to save money today.

I would like to start with the crib mattress. The place my crib was sent to is called My Baby News. When I went to pick it up, I spent some time letting one of the employees show me cool baby gear and explain to me the difference between crib mattresses, features on strollers, car seats, etc. in order to get as educated as I could on different baby products I plan on purchasing before Sonja gets here.

When he showed me the crib mattresses, he told me about the different companies and what he recommended. There was an organic mattress, which I had originally believed I wanted, but it wasn't as waterproof as I wanted it to be. Sopora was the company that he recommended the most, even though it was comparable in price to the organic mattresses, it was slightly cheaper, which made me feel like he was being honest with me. What sold me on the Sopora Ultimate Select mattress was that they used this sealing method that ensured NOTHING could get into the seams of the mattress. So when our baby's diaper inevitably leaks, or she vomits in the night, it won't get into the seams and fester and grow bacteria. It's also made of hospital grade materials, because the woman who started the company actually started out making hospital mattresses until she got pregnant and found the baby mattress selection lacking.

According to the salesman, the woman who started Sopora was married and co-owned Sopora with her husband. When they divorced, she kept Sopora and he started his own company Moonlight Slumber. They stopped selling Moonlight Slumber at My Baby News, but I went online and found that the companies were almost identical, with identical products at identical prices. So I decided to go ahead and get the Sopora mattress. Much to my surprise and happiness, when we went to the 2nd floor (which is made up entirely of sale items) we found the few Moonlight Slumber mattresses they had left were significantly discounted, and ended up getting a Moonlight Slumber equivalent to the Sopora Ultimate Select, but for $60 cheaper than the Sopora, and $80 cheaper than it sells for online. Hooray!!!

here's the crib mattress covered in the bedding set my sister April sent me

I also got a belly support band because I'm having issues with my belly itching, feeling heavy, and I'm getting the beginnings of stretchmarks. We also got a crib sheet. Super cute. Anyway, the savings continued...

I researched a lot of baby swings, and it came down to 2 baby swings I wanted. The MamaRoo (made by 4moms) and the Snugabunny. The mamaRoo is actually my first choice, but price-wise I figured I would get a Snugabunny... until...

I remembered Craigslist.

MamaRoo's retail for around $200. I found a woman on Craigslist who bought the MamaRoo, her baby barely used it, and then grew out of it, and she put it on craigslist for half price. I tried to talk her down more, but even on ebay you can't get the stupid thing for less than $110. I got it for $100. And it looks great! As soon as I took it home, I wiped it down, washed the cover, and it looks brand new! It works perfectly, and I couldn't be happier.

the MamaRoo I bought

As for the baby mobile, I want to make a separate post about that, so I can explain exactly how I made it. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out.

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