Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hamstring it up!

Yeah, I'm overworkin myself, so what? I don't know if anyone even reads these blogs other than my faithful Ali (which is why I keep writing)... but I'm pooped. Not like, the relieved, let me sink into my bed now that I have completely been drained of all energy pooped, but the holy crap I am about to get really religious because I think I might die right here pooped... not the fun kind.

Taking 2 workout classes a day is enough to kill any reasonable human being with limits, but no, I can't just be reasonable, I decide to push myself further. Self inflicted punishment? no... I blame boredom and an overabundance of endorphines. Yesterday after my weight lifting class where we maxed out (which means did the most amount of weight you can do until your muscles just won't move anymore)... I decided to go to the gym and do 50 minutes of cardio... I missed my mother in law... that's our time together... so I made the sacrifice. THen I came back to school and went to my conditioning class where she kicked my butt with MORE squats and other unspeakable moves I will not type.

Today I went to aerobics and got my butt kicked once again, only to head on over to gymnastics right after and continue my self-inflicted torture. Somewhere in the beginning of class between round-offs, I injured my right hamstring but thought, "I'm fine! can't stop now! won't stop now!" and kept on a truckin.

Needless to say... tonight, I can hardly move... sitting even hurts... I need to make more friends... I'm taking all this loneliness out on myself...

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