Sunday, September 7, 2008

Impromptu party

Yesterday we decided to have a party. Well, Jeff and Andrew decided we were going to have a party. So we did. We got our projector and screen and set it up at the park. Meanwhile, Andrew and Liz got speakers and set up a playlist. Andrew also brought loads of sandwiches that he got from work because an order got sent on the wrong day, so he got to keep it. It was really fun. We met some new people, saw some old friends, and generally enjoyed ourselves. Once it got dark, we watched Pooty Tang at the park (past curfew) hehe. And we didn't even get busted by the popo! Yeah!

Also, Last wednesday, I had my gymnastics class again and would like to update yall on the fact that I did several back hand springs all by myself with only a spotter! Go ME! I'm awesome! By Friday I was in a lot of pain from all the working out I'm doing, so I cashed in one of my half-days of beauty that I got from my mommy-in-law, and it was fabulous! Massage, Facial, Manni/Pedi! What more could a girl ask for?

Did I mention I love my hubby? Because I do... I love him more every day... today we've been procrastinating together, but it's fun cause we can chase each other around the house like little kids, attempting to swat each other with various "weapons" like spatulas... or clothing... or pillows... then I grabbed the bat and it ended ;) j/k

side note: had a really creepy dream last night that Jeff's dad was trying to kill my sister, Meghan... Jeff and I saved her and spent the rest of the dream getting her to safety and then going back to save Jeff's mom. Then right when Jeff's dad was about to kill me, my step-dad walked in the house and Jeff's dad pulled a knife to stab him, then he hit the knife out of Jeff's dad's hand and stabbed him and saved the day... kinda sick, I am still trying to figure out the meaning.

Thats it, blog out

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