Sunday, September 7, 2008

School Girl

So I have kinda neglected that I'm back in school and love it! I take Aerobics, Gymnastics, Weight Training, and Flexibility/Conditioning in the mornings. Then I have a night class on Mondays called "Lifestyle Change for Wellness" and then on Tues/Thurs I have a night class called "Anatomy". All my classes are pretty awesome except Anatomy is going to be tough. My first test is next Tuesday (not this one coming up) and I have to know how to recognize like 12 different kinds of tissue cells and name them, and I have to know what makes up a cell, and just waaaaay too much information about the microscopic workings of the human body. Wish me luck, I should be reading my chapters right now.... I think I will... just wanted to update you guys on how much I am LOVING being back in school... let's just hope we can avoid having babies long enough for me to finish :D

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