Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekend Haps...

Friday night was fantastic! Jeff and I had gone earlier in the week and purchased DEATH NOTE 1 and 2. We had already seen 1 but hadn't yet seen 2. Chris and Tom came over and we all watched Death Note 1. It was really good, even the 2nd time I watched it. We also at ZPizza, and mine was Gluten Free. Delicious. Before the movie... Chris showed me a very interesting music video. It's an indian music video... click on "video" to watch it! It's really hilarious.

Today Jeff, Chris, and I rode bikes for about 5-6 miles!!! It was super fun, and a great way to get some exercise into my weekend. Jeff was not fond of the ride, but he was a good sport. After the ride, Marian came over and we finalized our plans to get certified! YAY!!! We both joined ACSM, both signed up for their 3-day crash course, and made hotel reservations. WOOHOO!!! ROAD TRIP!!!! I am really excited about it. Not only will I get my career started, I will also get a great trip with my friend. I really enjoy being around Marian and can't wait for our girls weekend. I will have to see if they have anything cool going on in Dallas... unfortunately Dallas can be rather boring... but it has great shopping. I seriously am stoked.

We are also considering adopting another kitten. Jeff and I have agreed on getting a Maine Coon if possible, and are currently looking with a shelter that specializes in exotic cats, like Bengals and Maine Coons. I didn't really think Maine Coons were exotic but someone does. Anyways, there is one in particular, named BlueBell we are hoping to get, she looks like such a sweet girl, and she's so young that Akira could mother her hoepfully. I just feel like Akira is lonely, and want to find her a little buddy to spend her time with. I'll keep you posted.

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