Thursday, January 6, 2011

I want to blog... but I haven't much to blog about

So, the New Year's Resolutions are going well. I did slip up yesterday in a waiting room and eat a breath mint that had sugar in it (oops) but I will not let that get me down. All it does is make my resolve not to eat sugar stronger. I've also been doing better about working out, and not eating artificial sweeteners (even though I ate some artific. flavored gum the other day on purpose). I am growing stronger and will fight my baser instincts.

I started back up in my Oil Painting class yesterday. I am so excited about my next project. At first I was really overwhelmed, which is why I need to be in this class, but John helped me out a lot, and helped me look at the painting with a better perspective. It's going to be gorgeous. I plan on giving this painting to my Dad. I promised one to him first, on his last birthday, which was in July... sorry Dad. I started one for him, but realized I am not a tree painter, and scrapped it.

Next week is my Flying Trapeze lesson!!!! I am scared, but more excited than anything else. We actually have a good line-up of things to do this month. Wanna know what I have in store for us? Of course you do!

1. Doing my hair tomorrow
2. Oil Painting once a week till I'm famous
3. Flying Trapeze lesson next week
4. Taking a Thai Cooking Class in 2 weeks!
5. Starting up a Bootcamp... if you want info, click here, or here
5. Going to Taste of Austin where we get to sample the best restaurants' food, and decide where we want to start going more regularly! YUM!

I think that's enough for 1 month.

In other good news, I am finally insured this month, health-wise! YAY! Now I can go to the doctor and find out what's going on with me.

Not that anything is.

But if it were... you know...

I have insurance.


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