Sunday, January 9, 2011


Yesterday, my husband and I went to the Korean grocery store in Austin. We went there with the purpose of obtaining a few ingredients to make REAL miso soup, ingredients hard to come by at HEB or Sprouts. It was really cool, like stepping out of America and into Asia if only for a brief moment. Then I saw the price tags and reality slapped me back into America.

They sell all kinds of cool things in there, you really should go check out an Asian marketplace some time. I've been to Taiwan, and I can say from what I remember, the grocery store I went to yesterday was nothing like a Taiwanese market, but it's still closer than you can get anywhere else except maybe NYC.

So we picked out some cool foods. We got some rice cakes filled with sweet red bean paste (I LOVE sweet red bean paste, you seriously have to try it before you judge how gross it sounds), some frozen rice and bean paste steamers (kind of like Dim Sum), and our miso paste, seaweed, bonito flakes, etc.

Afterward, I needed to pick up a new Cerulean blue for my painting, and on the way we saw this Korean BBQ and Sushi (odd combo? yeah...) place and decided we had to try it after our experience at the Grocery store. My sister lived in Korea for a few years, so I remembered her telling me about Bimibop. She said it was amazingly delicious. I tried it. It was pretty good. But probably not as good as what she had. Jeff told me it wasn't as good as he's had in the past. But it was really fun. They give you all these tiny appetizers and their miso soup was really tasty.

What I realized after that fun cultural experience, was that I really can explore other cultures without having to travel. Now I cannot get the full experience, I can't see it without some sort of American influence, but I don't have to resign myself to never expanding my horizons. I've been waiting to get the money so we can go explore other worlds, when I haven't explored the worlds in my own backyard!

So from now on... I am going to start venturing into other cultural venues, trying out new places, and new tastes. I'm going to start cooking more diversely. I want to learn to make sushi at home, and find out where I can get the freshest ingredients. I am going to try out new Farmer's Markets, and attempt growing my own veggies. I am going to become a more well-rounded person with more skills and more knowledge.

After our very filling lunch, Jeff and I made it home. I was so full, I realized I needed to go for a walk to get some of the food to digest a little faster. It really helps. At this point, I was going on less than 5 hours of sleep. I had pulled a late-nighter, and had to get up at 6 am to train my Sat. morning. I was exhausted. So instead of a walk, I laid on the couch and commenced my reading of Stephen King's IT. Side note here - IT is the most engrossing of the Stephen King novels that I've read so far. IT really captivates my attention. I love IT!!! hehe.

Jeff had to go fix his mom's roof before the rain started. So while he was off being a slave, I decided that despite my exhaustion, despite my absolute stubborn will to NOT workout, that I was going to go do Sprint Intervals. I forced myself off the couch, forced my shoes on, and made myself go outside.

The minute I was outside, I felt this rush of happiness. Sunlight! People were out, too! Out at the park, and walking around, messing with their yards. It was nice! I had several old people smile and wave at me... enough that I was a little worried I had something on my face. I had my headphones in, listening to some inspirational Linkin Park music (I'm not being sarcastic, the music they make sends adrenaline through my veins at warp speed). The minute the song hit the peak of the emotional high, I took off! 30 seconds at full speed, 60 seconds of recovery. I found this great road near my neighborhood that no one drives down, I went up and down that thing for 8 sets, then did the last 2 on my way back to my house. It was amazing! It was harder than normal due to the tiredness, and probably the food wanting to come back up, but it was WORTH it! It felt so good!

I loved it so much, I went home, got some water, and took back off, outside, for 2 more sets, and then a long, bouncy walk, to more fun music, such as "Jeffe" by Daddy Yanke. It's a good song. I had a spring in my step, and I felt amazing. Exercise is something that makes you feel whole with your body, and when you do it outside, you feel like you're finally part of the world that God created just for you. I don't spend enough time outside.

By the time I got back home, it was almost dark, the winds were picking up, and sprinkles had started. Jeff got home, brought some friends over with him, we ate the roast I'd started in the morning and played Rock Band 3 with a real keyboard and a real drum set. I love our friends, I love our home, I love my job, and I love being outdoors. I am truly thankful for such a perfect day on so little sleep.

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