Saturday, May 22, 2010

Art Show

I just wanted to thank all the friends and family that came to the Cordovan School Art Show and supported me and my art school! I was super excited to participate, and when I got there, I discovered that while none of my paintings had placed, my phoenix did get an honorable mention, which was more than I could have hoped for seeing as it was my very first oil painting and my 3rd painting EVER... you should see my first two, lol they are hilariously bad. It was really cool seeing the different works that other students had created. All in all I think there were over 250 paintings and drawings showing, and they are still on display from now through August at the Texas State campus in Round Rock.

Everyone who came to the art show got to vote for their favorite painting. After all of the awards were announced, they announced the "Viewer's Choice" awards. Apparently, my painting got the most votes, so I also got a viewers choice award! Sweetness!

I'm pretty happy with how it went... but what meant the most to me, was that people truly cared about me enough to come and support me. Even though it wasn't MY show, it was just a show I had entered peices of art into, I still got several people to show up... and I really enjoyed myself.

Pre-Art Show a bunch of us went to Salt Grass and got steaks, and post-Art Show, we went and watched some aweful movie called "Troll 2." It is literally listed by wikipedia as one of the worst movies ever made, click here if you want to read about it on Wikipedia, and so we had to watch it. It was truly horrendous, and I want those hours of my life back. I recommend everyone see this movie and enjoy how hilariously bad it is... seriously we had a lot of fun watching it and laughing about the incredibly aweful acting and dialogue. Fun times.

All-in-all it was a fun night, and I am so greatful to have people in my life that care enough to support me even in my little, insignificant accomplishments.

Blog Out.

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Theron & Melissa said...

That's really neat! I am always amazed at people who can paint, draw, etc. I think you deserve a big CONGRATULATIONS! OH, where are you going to hang it?