Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's A Boy!

If you follow me on Facebook, you may already know.. but I have some big news!

Drumroll Please...


His name is Cloud, and he's a boy! Jeff was at a gas station on Friday and saw a cat trying to cross a very busy road. He almost got hit by a car, and ended up running back to the gas station and getting into a trashcan near where Jeff was filling up. Jeff bought some pepporoni and lured the little guy into his truck, where he realized what a sweet, friendly cat he was. I drove up to Killeen yesterday, stuck him in Akira's carrier, and took him to our vet. After checking him for all the diseases, the vet told me he was good aside from a case of ear mites which they treated him for. He also needs to be nuetered. His bill of health was a 5 out of 9, but I feel like that's easily fixed with proper nutrition and a good nuetering.

So for now, Cloud stays in the garage, and Akira is none the wiser to his existance aside from his scent, which she has already picked up. We plan on keeping them apart until he has recovered from his Nueter (which is scheduled for Monday morning, bright and early!). Slowly we will try to introduce them in the way I have researched, and hopefully Akira will accept her little brother. I just wanted to add that if Akira is not OK with Cloud, he will not be able to stay with us. She was here first, and she remains here no matter what. So it's not 100% certain, but from what a lot of people have told me, it's definitely possible, if you introduce them very carefully.

I'll try and post more pictures once I have some good ones.

In other news, Jeff and I saw Iron Man 2 today. It was pretty good. It wasn't as good as the first one, but I enjoyed going out with Jeff and having a good date. Afterwards we went to Salt Grass where I enjoyed a Filet Minon! YUM!

Tomorrow I will be driving out with my Aunts to see my Granddaddy, who's birthday is tomorrow. That should be fun quality family time. I wish Jeff could come, but he's got a test tomorrow! I would like to take this opportunity to announce my solid A in Government! Woohoo! Eat that suckers! So I don't have to take the final, which is why I can go see my Granddaddy.

Tomorrow is also another important, somewhat sad day for me. It was Muffin's birthday. Interesting that a new adoptee would show up so close to her birthday. Perhaps he is a gift in place of what was one of the best gifts God ever gave to me. In the past, on Muffin's birthday, I've done tribute posts to her. I would do a tribute post again, but it almost cheapens the memory for me. We had such a unique bond, that I feel like no one else really will ever understand the love I had for that dog. I don't want to put it out for people to judge. I just want to remember Muffin on her birthday, and honor her through reflection. Maybe I'll plant something for her... I have no idea yet.

Cloud coming into our home has reminded me how lucky my family has been to receive little animals along life's path. They seem to find us instead of us finding them. Although, Akira is the exception to that. I am so greatful to have her, however, and definitely have adopted her as my baby. I suppose she's substitute baby until I'm ready for human babies. And now Cloud. He seems very sweet. He loves people, and runs right up to everyone demanding affection. The only thing he does that is a bit scary, is he bites. He bites hard, too. It's not love nips like Akira's. I don't think he intends to hurt people when he does this, but he has already drawn blood from Jeff. He has not yet bitten me... I'm very cautious when I pet him not to let his mouth too close to my hands. So we'll see if there's anything the vet can advise us to do to stop that behavior.

And that's what's new with us.

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