Monday, May 31, 2010

Life As We Know It

So much is going on in our lives, and at the same time nothing is going on. I wanted to blog but had to pause and consider what exactly I should blog about. So I'll just let this be an update.

Cloud is adjusting well to his new home. He still spends most of his time in the garage right now because we're working on introducing him to Akira. With cats, this is a SLOW, careful process that takes weeks if not months. So far they have seen each other through the doggy door and Akira hisses at him every once in a while. She isn't freaking out nearly as much, and so far has stopped peeing on the wall. I want to think it is because I am so comforting, but I believe what saved the day is a product called "Feliway" which you plug into the wall. It simulates the facial pheremones of a cat and is supposed to be calming and make your cat not feel the need to mark. It's totally weird because Akira will hiss at Cloud, and then go over and sniff at the Feliway EVERY time. Then she just chills out and does her own thing. Cloud doesn't really seem to care one way or the other if Akira hisses at him, he just wants inside the house, he has no malice at all towards her.

Business-wise, I'm doing quite well. I just added 2 new clients for the month of June, and hope to see good results with both of them. I'm considering a few new business ventures, ones that I will probably not be blogging about unless they actually come to pass. Jeff, meanwhile, is struggling and fighting his way to saving his Dad's company. We're both pretty hopeful that he can do it.

This weekend has been nice for Jeff and I. We've spent most of it just hanging out together without much of a schedule or plan. Yesterday we went to Salsa class and had a lot of fun. We then went to the Melting Pot and literally ate ourselves sick. Yeah. I woke up this morning and got incredibly sick. Not pleasant. I think it was the chocolate fondue where I went wrong. As most of you know I hadn't eaten sugar for over 70 days, and just up and ate a whole bunch of chocolate... stupid. So I've decided that if sugar can make me THAT sick, it's bad for me (duh)... so I'm re-eliminating it from my diet as of today.

We've decided that although we are pretty awesome, we need to develope our awesomeness further... so Jeff and I are going to start rock climbing again, and a little more seriously this summer. We're also going to continue with salsa lessons, and I'll be going back to art class. I'm hoping to also learn to sew by 2011, and cook. I have been cooking more often, and I made a really delicious General Caitlin (Tso) Chicken dish the other day. I was super proud of myself for modifying the recipe to make it gluten-free. SPEAKING OF WHICH last week I got 4 vials of blood drawn and shipped out to test me for food allergies and intolerances. I should find out soon what foods have been causing me all my problems! I'm really excited to find out so I can start feeling better. It's been a long road with the stomach problems.

AAAaaaannnd... July is going to be awesome. My mom is coming to visit, I'm going to visit my Dad for a weekend, and then we're going to Cape May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss the beach so much! I cannot WAIT!


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