Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tummy Troubles Tuesday

So instead of training clients I'm at my computer dying of stomach pain.

Yeah. I had to cancel the pain was so bad. I hate cancelling. HATE IT. Because I really look forward to trianing my peeps. They enrich my life. Seriously. I'm not on drugs so you can believe me.

I wanted to write a blog entry but I have no idea what to talk about. So I'm just going to tell you what's been going on in my head lately...

THOUGHTS: Friday is the deadline to turn in my 3 paintings for the art show. Today I went and bought frames for all of them. I got the most awesome, gaudy frame for my pink flamingo. It just works so well with the theme I was going for. I also framed my Phoenix and the Frog. The Frog looks better with a frame, but I'm not in love with the frame I was forced to put around the Phoenix. She does not like to be contained within a frame... looks better with just the edges painted black, but rules is rules! NEXT FRIDAY is the actual ART SHOW so ALL OF MY LOCAL FRIENDS would be WISE to BE THERE or PAY THE PRICE! Don't worry, I'll be sending you invites. Food will be served... no excuses people.

THOUGHTS: I want one. Bad. Jeff does too. We've discussed it many times. When Akira is either dead or seems to have mellowed out, we're totally getting one. Someday... seriously, google them, they are uber cool.

THOUGHTS: I want a new purse really bad. I know it's materialistic of me... but I desperately want one... but all the ones I want are at least $200 and that's too much money for a stupid purse. If anyone knows where I can get a cute purse for a good price, PLEASE INFORM ME IMMEDIATELY. WAIT.. I may have found something. Check this site out: www.baghaus.com. I want a purse in black that's a little more rock-n-roll, and I also want a summer bag that's bright and cheery! Let me know if ya'll know where I can find either of those things. Here's one of the purses I LOVE but cannot afford:


and I'm tired and that's all I have to say. Love to you all. Out.

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