Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A wedding story...

This is my favorite photo from the wedding I think...

THURSDAY: So we left Thursday morning for Salt Lake. It was early, and we were tired, but we laughed and joked the whole way there. Something I love about my husband is how much fun we have together. Although, I am sad to say, I didn't take many pictures aside from the actual wedding part of the trip. It was getting kinda freaky cause Jeff and I kept saying the same things at the same time... luckily we got a break from each other just in time before we became the same person... I met up with Melissa at the Gateway mall and Jeff started working on his bidding and estimating. Yes, he worked the entire "vacation" which was incredibly annoying to me, but I will have a discussion with his "boss" about that later. Mel and I didn't find what we were looking for at the mall, so we went to a little place called Blue Boutique. Yeah.... I was giggling the whole time cause it's one of those places that takes lingerie above and beyond. We found something... er... "tasteful" for the bride, and went on our ways. Jeff and I headed for Idaho. It went by really fast because again, I love being with my husband, especially when he is NOT working. We stayed at this little hotel called the Pinecrest Inn, which was super cheap but actually not a bad room (NEVER EVER WILL WE STAY IN MOTEL 6 AGAIN). Then we went to sleep.

FRIDAY: Friday morning I woke up too eager to get to Lorraine's side to sleep. Jeff and I went to Denny's for breakfast since we had pretty much lived off of beef jerky all day thursday. gross. Anyways, so we hurried at Denny's and then I rushed to Rigby to get to Lorraine. When I got there I met her family and there were a lot of them, but they were all really nice people whom Jeff and I would eventually really enjoy spending time with. Lorraine was taking a bath when I got there, so I waited and chatted with the family. When she got out, I found her very overwhelmed, so I decided to take charge. I made her get back in the shower and rewash her hair because the bath had made it greasy, then we packed up all of her makeup and took her to the spa in Rexburg where she and her daughter got their nails done. Lorraine forgot a few things so I rushed back to Rigby to get them, then back to Rexburg. I then helped her do her makeup, straightened her hair, and rushed her to the Temple, barely making it close to on time. Honestly, I'm not sure if she would have ever made it had I not come to Rigby. But, I am so glad i got to be there to help her, and by the time she made it in the temple, she looked amazing. I went next door to the church building and got myself ready in the bathroom there while several ladies came in and out thinking I was nuts for doing my makeup in the church bathroom, but I told them what was up. It took me an hour and a half to get my hair right, then I waited at the temple for another hour or so, thank goodness Lorraine's sister Natalie and her fiance Zach were there to keep me entertained! We heard the couple was coming out, so we went outside. I got a funny looking sunburn while waiting outside. When the couple emerged, they looked radiant! It was all worth it. I double wielded cameras and tried to get decent photos, then ended up just using Lorraine's camera and deciding to use mine for the reception. We took lots of photos. Then I went back to our hotel where Jeff had been working ALL DAY. I picked him up and we went back to Rigby for the informal bridal party dinner. It was fun. Brenden and Zach were really hilarious and kept us all entertained.

SATURDAY: Saturday was hectic. Jeff and I checked out of our Pinecrest hotel, and went to Le Ritz. I then went straight to the salon where all the bridesmaids were getting their nails done, and Lorraine was getting her hair and makeup done professionally. Day two of the wedding celebration. We ate chocolate covered strawberries and I got my nails painted a sparkly gold color. Lorraine looked just as gorgeous as she had the first day, and all went well. Then I took Emily back to Le Ritz and told Jeff to get dressed up for the reception. We were late, got lost, and eventually found the place. It was gorgeous! I have tons of photos so no need to describe it. They did a ring ceremony, so we all walked down the stairs with two bridesmaids to every groomsman. Then the bishop talked about where rings came from and the symbolism. He asked Lorraine to tell him what she had learned in the first day of marriage. Her answer was hilarious but I can't remember it word for word. We took tons of photos, danced, ate cheesecake, blew bubbles, and generally had a wonderful time! I think my favorite part was seeing how happy lorraine was, Brenden's pre-garter retrieval dance, and that I got to give a toast to the bride and groom. I almost cried but kept it together. While they were destracted taking couple and family photos, Lorraine's brothers, Zack and Natalie, and Jeff and me all decorated their car! I wish I got a picture. We used: plastic wrap, paper towels, cheese wiz, ritz crackers, hot dogs, and toothpaste ( I claim no responsibility for the toothpaste ). All in all it was a beautiful wedding. That night, we all went out to dinner at Sizzler, laughed and talked. Then it turned into a spitball fight! I know it is so juvinile, but it was hilarious. Even I was shooting spitballs! Jeff started it, and Zach got me in the hair, so it was on! It was a great ending to a perfect weekend!

SUNDAY: Sunday morning Jeff worked ALL MORNING until 1 or 2 pm. I worked out for over an hour in the hotel gym. I watched the HOUSE marathon. I waited and waited until we were forced to check out, then I waited in the business room for hours. FINALLY we were able to leave, and we hit the road at high speeds trying to make it in time to have dinner with Melissa and Theron, see Jeff's friends, and see Daniel Bagby!!! We got a speeding ticket. Well, Jeff did. What's awesome is that it was only $140 bucks, if we had gotten the same ticket in Texas, it probably would have been around $500. Yeah... but honestly I couldn't get mad cause I know I would've been going just as fast if not faster had I been driving. So on the road we were driving, and Jeff looked over and saw the WEIRDEST looking girl we have ever seen. He was like "Is she real? QUICK GET THE CAMERA!!!" So I look over, and this girl looks WEIRD. She has these HUGE lips and they are all sticking out and open like a duck about to bite something. She has huge bug-eye glasses and just looked comical. So I grabbed the camera and took a picture right as she looked at us! HAHAHA. Then we sped off. This is Jeff's impression of how she looked from the side:10 minutes later, the very same white car she was driving catches up to us, we both look over right as we see the flash of a camera! She caught up to us and took a picture back! It was hilarious! Then she cut us off, and took the next exit before we could take another picture. She flashed us the peace sign. It was hilarious! By the time we made it to Ogden, we only had half an hour to see Jeff's friends in order to fit everyone in. So we saw Matthew and his wife, and we saw Josh and Harmony. Harmony is due to have her baby anytime in the next week or two, and was glowing! Josh's family was really cool. His brother is a singer/song writer and plays punk/emo type stuff... he sounds amazing! It was like getting a free concert! Then we headed for Salt Lake, had dinner with Melissa and Theron, which was really nice to see them. They barbequed for us and we just sat and talked. Afterward, Jeff and I headed for our hotel the Sky Lounge, which was really cheap, but super awesome! Next time I go to SLC, I am staying there. It's like a little apartment. Anyways, we checked in and Jeff started working again, so I went and met up with Daniel Bagby and his mom at the temple. It was SO great to see them both again! Daniel just got back from his mission to Brazil, and it was lucky I was in the area literally 1 day after he got back. We sat and talked for about 2 and a half hours, it was so great to see him. I have to say, some of my best memories are from high school and being friends with Daniel, and all the people in our group of friends. It was also nice to hear what was new with people I have lost touch with and all of that. It was a GREAT ending to the whole trip.

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