Monday, May 4, 2009

Weird Monday...

Today can only be described as... really really weird. It was a mixture of some incredible luck and some irritating misfortunes... but more of the luck so I am happy.

It all started out with me forgetting to set my alarm last night. I woke up just in time to realize I missed my Aerobics class, and fall back asleep. I then woke up again around 10:30 and began to get ready. I skipped the foundation, but left it on the counter top for some strange reason. The reason it's strange, is because the last foundation I had, Akira swatted to the floor and broke into several peices. This is important for later. Anyways, as I was taking my hair out of it's rollers, the doorbell rang. I knew who it was, it was the maintenance man, because our water heater is broken and he's been fixing it. One of the unfortunate habits of the maintainance men at this apartment complex, is they like to ring the doorbell, wait 3 seconds, and then barge right on in. Knowing this, I scrambled for some sort of decent clothing, praying he didn't come back to my room. I then made my way into the living room, greeting him coldly, I really need to have a chat with the Apartment people about these things, I have been walked in on more than once. It's really annoying. Anyways... I then found Akira hiding behind the fridge again, coaxed her out, and hid with her in my bedroom to finish getting ready. Without realizing it, I was running late, and by the time I had gotten my things together, stuffed a frozen waffle in the toaster, and headed to school... I was once again late for class. Luckily it was Gymnastics so it was ok.

Gymnastics went well, although I continue to do my back-handspring crooked, at least now I know why. When I squat down, I poke my butt to the left and end up flying Left instead of going straight. I'm working on it. I did still land my front flips, so it wasn't a complete failure of a class. One of my friends in class invited me out to lunch with her and another girl who is also in the class. I had a really great time with both of them, just chatting and learning new things about each other. I'm sad our semester is almost over... but so it goes. I ended up giving my friend a ride to work, and then I went and picked up my dress from David's Bridal, for Lorraine's wedding. The dress was ready and in the correct size and color, so that was a great relief (especially since we are leaving Thursday morning). I needed to get some shoes, so I drove to the outlet mall and walked in the first shoe store I found. To my incredible disbelief, the first pair of shoes I laid eyes on matched the color of my dress PERFECTLY! Then I picked a size 7 (my foot ranges from 5.5-8 depending on the brand), and it fit me PERFECTLY! I was like WHOOHOO! What a stroke of luck, I mean, seriously? Who carries the exact color of Teal... TEAL of all colors... that I need? Aldo does. That's who. And I just happened to walk in on the right day at the right time. They were the only teal shoes they had in the whole store. I bought those suckers and made it home in time to get my groceries to the fridge.

When I got home, Akira was pretty needy because she'd been traumatized by all the strangers coming in and out of our apartment all day, so I decided to be nice to her and let her in the office with me (she's usually not allowed). She played with a highlighter for a while, and then a random leaf from our plant, Frank. Then I allowed her to follow me in the bathroom, because she likes to play with the sink in there. Big mistake. I look away for 10 seconds, 10 SECONDS, and once again I hear a CRASH!!!!!! My brand new foundation, the foundation my mother in law makes for me, just my skin tone... was all over the tile, along with shards of glass everywhere. Not only was this a repeat of LAST weekend, this time it was a very full glass bottle of foundation, which took me 1.5 rolls of paper towel to clean up. I am soooo displeased about this. Not only because it sucked to clean up, but also because I had only gotten 2 uses out of it, and now I will have to ask my mother-in-law yet again to mix it up for me... like an idiot. Sometimes I just really want to kill the cat. In fact just as I was writing this, the doorbell wrang and it was more maintainence guys... so I had to put her in my bedroom so she won't run out the door... and she gave me what I'm sure will be more scars because she didn't want to go... Man this makes me look forward to what my children will do to me...

In any case, for a Monday, it's gone pretty well. I really enjoy being in the company of good people and good friends. And I am SO greatful that getting the bridesmaid stuff was so simple. To those of you who are in Utah who read my blog, feel free to text or call me. We'll be arriving in Salt Lake around noon on Thursday, and will be in town only for a few hours. We will, however, be spending Sunday evening in Salt Lake, so anyone wanting to see us give me a call or text me and we can arrange something like a dinner or something.

Blog Out.

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Dan and Merideth said...

Chin up! It will get better!! At least you didnt have to buy the makup! that would have totally sucked!!

hope life gets better!