Sunday, May 31, 2009


So today my friend Marian and I decided we needed some quality girl time, so we went to this lake near brushy creek. It's a really gorgeous area in north Austin/kind of Round Rock. It's not real beachy, but we brought towels to lay out and get some sun while we chatted and caught up. As we were laying our towels out, this man came out of nowhere. Picture a huge field of flowers and grass up to your mid thigh, off the beaten path. He just came out of there and it was a friend of mine, Mike Brown! I was like, HEEEEYYY!!! And I got so excited because I haven't seen this guy in about 9 months, and he and I were buddies at the hospital. He's one of those uplifting types of guys... he's a radiologist but he plays the piano and writes his own music and performs not only for the hospital guests in the lobby, but also for money at different locations. Anyways, before I left he always was telling me to live my dreams, be free, and not to work for "the man" like he has to. Just a real positive, uplifting dude. So anyways, he just pops outta the field and gives me a big hug and it was crazy. He said, this must be what heaven feels like, you're walking around in this beautiful place, a field full of flowers and a lake nearby, and along the path you find your friends, and you're like, HEY! How'd we get here? Guess we did something right. And it totally felt like that. So I feel like today I got a taste for what heaven must be like, and I liked it. I hope someday to die and wake up in a beautiful field and find all my old friends there. Cause I love you guys. I really do. All of you.

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That's awesome!