Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another Project... Almost finished :)

This weekend I was able to FINALLY finish some of the more important purchases for the baby. I had to wait until our house was sold and we had a little extra cash to do it, but I am so thrilled now because the wait forced me to bargain hunt and wheel and deal and now... now my nursery is going to be awesome. Just wait. It also means I have something to distract me in these final weeks.

First I want to talk about the fiasco. Originally I wanted to buy an IKEA Expedit 4 square storage unit and the drawer inserts. I was going to use it as a bookshelf/changing table, but was really upset when shipping came out to be $100 all by itself. No. I will not pay $100 for shipping for IKEA. Sorry. I just can't. It's against everything I stand for. I'm cheap that way.

So, I started scouring the Internet for new ideas.. finally Jeff said, "why don't you just get a second, smaller dresser and use that?" Well.. I don't think baby needs 2 dressers, but I could store EVERYTHING else in there. Books, blankets, diaper stuff. It's perfect. So I set out looking for a dresser, only to be back in the same dilemma I was in with the first dresser purchase. Everything is too freaking expensive for me to justify the purchase. I just don't feel comfortable buying a $600 dresser. Ridiculous. I mean, I can see spending that on a stroller or something you use, that is a tool, that actually does something for you.. but all I want to do is STORE things in this stupid dresser.

Then I scoured Craigslist all night. Nothing good enough, people are really proud of their crappy stuff on Craigslist. I ended up going to bed all pouty and annoyed, poor Jeff. Then, this morning, I got back on Craigslist and immediately came across a dresser I found suitable. It was pink and white with specialty drawer knobs... and I knew I could spruce it up with minimal effort. Meaning, I don't want a sand and paint project, but I am totally willing to clean up the dresser, paint any chipped areas, and possibly do a hand painted design on the front.

Here's the new dresser. The guy selling it asked for $125, I got it for $100. I think I could've talked him down more, but since it was well maintained, I didn't want to lose my chance to snap it up.

I have big plans for this dresser. I want to paint a bird silhouette on the front.. maybe fix one of the knobs where the bedazzling fell off. I think all I would need to do is find a little jewel that matches and glue it on. I am going to wipe it all down tomorrow and see what I have to work with.

I really didn't want to have a lot of pink in her room, so this kind of goes against what I originally planned, but once the room is finished it's going to be a really (in my opinion) nice blend of colors so it's sort of just coming together as organically as it can.

Once I finish the dresser I will post some "before" and "after" pics.

I also ordered curtains, a cute curtain draw back, a night light, a great forehead thermometer, a frame for the bed we have in the room, etc. so we're pretty much all set.

I also got my diaper bag... finally. I was really disappointed. I went onto Amazon and the bag I have been keeping my eye on for MONTHS was gone. And everywhere else it's at least $100 more expensive.. so I decided to go with the diaper bag I wanted since I saw it like 5 years ago... it's Juicy Couture. Don't judge me. I love Juicy. I have only 1 juicy couture item in my closet, and that's a great workout zip up hoodie. Now I am getting a Juicy diaper bag!

Merry Christmas to me! My mom gave us some Christmas Money so I used my half of the money for this.. I'm also considering it my "push present" because I splurged a bit on it.. spent more on it than I did the new dresser lol. Oops.

I'll post more pictures of the nursery as it finishes, and when my diaper bag gets here I'll post that too...

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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