Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Nursery

I tell myself the nursery is finished, but deep down I'm not totally sure I won't change some things...

I'm still probably going to make an origami crane mobile to hang over the changing table, and I want to get a bed skirt for the twin bed we have.. but I am not going to freak out over it just yet.

Here are some photos of the nursery as it is now:

Here we have an old painting I did of a stuffed flamingo in a sexy pose. I thought it was a bit outrageous but I still love it... and thought it would be perfect in her bird-themed room. The damask window curtain is from Urban Outfitters, as is the rose curtain holder. The quilt on the bed is an heirloom blanket given to me by my mom.

Here you can see the espresso dresser in the back, the same one we got from for $150. I put owl drawer pulls on it. On top of the dresser is the owl lamp, a beautiful lace picture frame that has no photo in it yet, we got it as a wedding gift but never had a good photo or place for it... it fits really well in her room. I also have the cinderella carriage my mom used as a shower flower arrangement, I'm using it to store her hats and hair bows. We also have the baby camera set up, it's awesome, it shows color, has night vision, has sound, and we got it for a steal.

The little tiny house you see up there is filled with baby socks. It originally held a cute layette set from my mom and I thought it was a perfect place for tiny socks. The rug is from IKEA.

Here's a view from the foot of the bed. The dresser I painted now has this awesome changing table I got off of Amazon. What I like about it is, you don't have to put a cover on it, and it washes off easily because it's made of non-porous foam. It also doesn't slip and slide so I don't have to worry about it flying off the table while I'm changing the little one's diaper.

Here you can see I have added a crazy looking animal print box, this is going to be used for Sonja's laundry. I decided that rather than spending a stupid amount of money on a stupid laundry hamper that was ugly, I'd just use this awesome box... and I stuck the other pink feather in it for fun.

Here we have a view of the closet and door leading out of her room. This is her little book shelf, with a hedgehog night light also from Urban Outfitters, and all her books and stuffed animals in it. I also put my antique hand held mirror on top and the letter I made hanging over it on the wall. You can see I put a hook up for her little baby jackets. So cute. Oh and for the moment we have the handheld video monitor charging but eventually that will be in my room.

That's all for now.. I guess we'll see if I get around to the rest of my projects. Today I modge podged the dresser drawers in the bird dresser. I didn't get around to taking photos of it though. No big deal.

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