Friday, December 28, 2012


I hope all of you had a great Christmas! I certainly did, and I wasn't really expecting much.. which might just be the secret to having a great Christmas.

See, Jeff and I decided not to get each other gifts this year, mostly because we would rather just use our money to buy stuff we actually want, and also we're having a baby, which I suppose is a gift in and of itself. So when you looked at our tree, there were about 5 presents total.

What I didn't know, was that they were all awesome.

We started with the gifts from my brother. He gave me a pair of Mario Bros slippers and Jeff got a shirt that said "Trust me, I'm a Jedi." I think our joint gift was a fake poo.. very mature, Jonathan. lol. His wife also sent me some baby things, the best being this awesome baby hat.. OMG it's adorable. I had registered for it, it's a bonnet with a mushroom on it, knitted. I will put photos up when the baby is actually wearing it.

One of my former clients unexpectedly sent me a gift, I was not expecting anything big, but she really went all out for me. It was very touching. She sent me a baby bullet!!! I was so excited! You have no idea, I wanted that so bad, but didn't get it at my shower and had decided I would just try using my blender and icecube trays... but the baby bullet will make making my own baby food SO MUCH EASIER!! I was so thrilled. But it got even better...

My dad sent a gift to me, Jeff, and Baby Sonja. He was very mysterious about this gift, and (as always) insisted that I not open my gift from him until Christmas Day. I did try to make him believe I had opened it before because I love to mess with my Dad, but he knew I hadn't.. mostly because I would've reacted already probably. He was mysterious about all our gifts ("our" being me, my sisters, and my step-mom) even to my step-mom and I know it drove her crazy. But he had good reason. Imagine my total shock when I opened our gift and it was an iPad 2!!!!! Yeah!!!! I opened it, started laughing and then got up and did a little crazy dance. That's how happy I was. I never actually considered owning an iPad 2 because it's sorta out of my price range... but I love the crap out of it already!!!

My dad also got the rest of his girls and himself some form of iPad 2 or iPad mini. And the whole reason behind it was for Sonja. Isn't that cool? He wants to make sure we can all FaceTime with each other and he wanted the screen to be big enough that Sonja can really see him and he can see her. It just warms my heart that my Dad is so excited to be a grandpa that he got us all iPads just so she could stay connected to him. Apparently he also got a book on 101 ways to spoil your grandbaby or something like that. I don't know that he needed more advice in this subject but I'm a little scared. lol.

My grandparents were not really that into me for the most part. My maternal grandmother and I had a special bond, but she died when I was pretty young and the rest of my living grandparents just didn't really seem to care that much. So it means everything to me how much my parents care, and how into the whole grandparent thing they are. I am so excited for my baby to just soak up the love and attention. I really am.

So yeah.. Christmas was great. And my final gift for the day was my mom getting here. She's here for baby Sonja's birth, and now we're both super impatient waiting for the baby to get here. I sure hope she isn't too late. Jeff has the next few weeks off, and my mom will be here till mid-January, and I want both of them to get in as much time with her as they can. So here's hoping she won't make us wait too much longer.

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