Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve..

This may be my last post for a while. My mom is coming to town tomorrow afternoon (Christmas!!!) and staying until mid-January to help me with Le Bebe. So I will probably not have as much time free to blog, because hopefully she'll be doing a good job distracting me while we wait for Miss Takes-Her-Time to get here and then when she does get here, I'll be learning about being a mother to a newborn baby. So... Again blogging won't be my top priority but I'm sure I'll get on here at some point and let you know all the glorious details of going into labor blah blah blah.

As I look at my countdown to Baby, it says I have 8 days. Christmas is exactly 1 week before my due date, and I'm starting to think this child may be fashionably late... mostly because I want her to be here SO BAD that I think Irony and Karma could not possibly allow me to have my way. It's just never that easy. I have to want her out so bad that the childbirth process won't even concern me anymore, I've got to be desperate I think... and I promise I am not far off. So far I have tried Raspberry Leaf Tea, Evening Primrose Oil, Walking like crazy, pretty much every old wives tale on how to get labor going, and I realize that really she isn't going to come until she's ready.

Oh and an awesome new fear that appeared for me this week, a girl in my pregnancy month forum found out at 37 weeks that what she thought was a female child was actually a male child because they had to do an ultrasound for some reason.... SURPRISE!!! And now I'm terrified that I'll give birth and the baby I have thought to be a girl since I was 20 weeks pregnant is in fact a boy and all I have to take him home in is a cheetah print dress! So now I have packed a more gender neutral outfit JUST IN CASE. Seriously that would floor me. I'm pretty sure they got it right on the ultrasound, but you never know, these things do happen. It wouldn't be devastating to me, but I would be sad that I had girled up his nursery so intensely, and I would, of course, have to rectify that so that one day in the far future he doesn't go through his baby album and die a little inside. Oh man.. that pink and white bird dresser.. That would definitely not go over well.  And honestly I have gotten so used to the idea of a baby girl, I think I would be a little sad... just because I feel like I know this little girl, and I have all these plans for her... all the girly fun stuff we are going to do together. But I won't dwell on it, just an interesting little side story here for my blog.

Today I got an early Christmas Gift!!! My Diaper Bag!!!! It's so awesome! I already packed it, it's ready to be put in the car, and filled with baby stuff. Here is a list of what the diaper bag has:

- 1 receiving blanket
- 1 soft lovey blanket (it's small and I want to use it if it's cold to put over her on the way to the car)
- 1 newborn size dress
- 1 newborn size giraffe long-sleeved footie pajama
- 1 0-3 month size frog onsie with pants (just in case she's a large baby and doesn't fit NB size)
- a changing pad
- a burp cloth
- wipes
- diapers
- washable and reusable breast pads
- mittens
- a frog hat and a little pink cap (I'll decide which one to take her home in there... couldn't choose)

I also packed a bag for myself, but I'm keeping that in my room till the last minute so I can add stuff to it, it's got (and will have eventually) the following things for me:

- my laptop & charger
- my camera and camera battery charger
- our Flip video camera
- a pair of sweat pants
- a robe
- flip flops
- makeup bag
- brush
- tooth brush
- tooth paste
- deodorant
- my wallet
- my hypnobirthing book
- sanitary napkins
- underwear I don't care about ruining
- a big over-sized sweater
- a nursing bra
- a maternity tank top
- maternity jeans
- my iPhone charger

These were packed with the help of several online lists about things you will need. I may have over-packed but I'd rather do that than have to send Jeff out to find things he doesn't know where they are in the first place.

I know it's Christmas Eve and I keep blathering on about my pregnancy and having the baby, but honestly it's overshadowing everything I do right now anyway, so I don't have much to say about Christmas. Jeff and I didn't even get each other presents this year because we didn't know what we wanted, and didn't want to spend the money... so instead we just have a few presents under the tree from my brother Jonathan and his family and my Dad. My mom sent us money which I already spent on my diaper bag, and Jeff intends to spend his half on a Kindle and some E-books. Which is what I was GOING to buy him as a Christmas gift before we decided to just use the money that my mom gave us.

I got a surprise package from one of my old clients, I almost cried when I saw her name on the box. I miss her so much. I miss all my clients. I was lucky enough to have some of the greatest people in the world as my clients, and I hope someday to regain that... I was a lucky girl. I still am, really. I'm blessed in so many ways. Getting that package from my client, it just reminded me how good I had it in Austin... I want to go back so bad. I want everyone to see my baby. Perhaps a trip is in order.. the pediatrician said the ideal time to fly with an infant is between 6 weeks and 6 months.. hmmm...

But I suppose Christmas isn't or shouldn't be about the gifts under the tree. It's about the gifts in our lives, and right now I have a lot to be thankful for. I've got a wonderful, handsome, and doting husband. I have 2 incredibly awesome kitties, who really do bless my life. I have a baby who is ALMOST here!!! I have parents who support me, and love me, and have been so amazing to me especially these last 9 months. I have great siblings who I love and continue to be on great terms with. I'm living the dream... who could ask for anything more?

Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope it's amazing and you get everything you hoped for!

Let's hope my next post has a little baby face on it!

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