Friday, December 14, 2012

Funny Little Things about Pregnancy

I wanted to do a post on some of the smaller aspects of pregnancy that I will probably forget about, but would like to remember... most of these apply especially to the 3rd trimester.

- My cat, Puppy, loves to sit in my lap. He is very determined to do so even though there is currently no room. I've had to fight him off my bump every single day multiple times a day until we finally reach a compromise where he sort of just hangs on me somewhere and I allow it. He's currently pouting because I wouldn't let him creep onto my lap this morning.

- While I can still technically get my shoes on, it's not easy. Reaching for things on the floor is nearly impossible and incredibly uncomfortable. I've resorted to mainly wearing flip flops even though it's cold outside. I don't care. When I get on the elliptical, I wear shoes with the running laces, so they just slip on, no tying a bow or any of that crap.

- I wake up every morning at 2 or 3 am to pee, if not earlier. I then wake up again usually at 5 am if I am even able to go back to sleep. I then wake up again around 6:30 or 7. I have to usually get up at this point and eat because I'm starving to death, and then I go back to sleep around 8 or 9 and sleep till 10 or 12. I think my body is getting ready for a newborn feeding schedule.

- The baby loves to kick me in the ribs, she loves to move around, and one of the weirdest sensations is when she's tickling my hip bones I'm guessing with her fingers. It's an odd sensation but kind of funny.

- Heart burn. It's not as bad as a lot of women have it, but man... I have woken up in the middle of the night with my throat on fire.. now I keep tums near the bed.

- It's hard to get comfortable in any position. Sitting my ribs start hurting. Standing my feet and legs get tired and sore, and laying down my hips hurt. I can't win. The days I do elliptical are the worst for my hip pain, so sometimes I just can't make myself do it for fear of my ability to sleep that night.

- I can't seem to make myself eat healthy while pregnant. I was good at it before, but now, it's like... if I don't want the food, I simply will not eat it. I can't get it down. I'm hoping once I start breastfeeding I can get myself under better control. It's not like I'm sitting around eating bon bons all day, I just am really not into green leafy veggies at the moment.

- I was really gung-ho about waiting until 40 weeks to have the baby.. but as soon as I hit 36 weeks, it was like my patience ran out and I wanted to have the baby at 37 weeks, as soon as she was full term. Now that I'm 37 weeks and counting, I feel more and more anxious to get her out of me. I just want to be done. I'm uncomfortable, I'm big, and I'm tired of not being about to move like I want to or fit in places I should be able to.

- Seriously... every day things like laundry and bending over because you drop something have become ridiculously difficult and uncomfortable.

- Speaking of dropping things... I am the clumsiest pregnant lady ever. I drop food on myself all the time, without fail by the end of every day I have food on my clothes. If I am not dropping food, I'm dropping papers or keys or whatever, and it's really fun trying to pick that crap up off the floor..

- I love feeling the baby move inside me. It's an odd but comforting feeling. I like singing to her, some of the songs I go to are "Baby Mine," the song from Dumbo and "Dear My Love" by Evanescence. I usually sing these in the shower lol.

- Pregnancy has made me a little crazy. I over analyze and hyper-research EVERYTHING. Every single baby product on my baby registry was researched by me, and I've probably read over a thousand reviews since becoming pregnant. But these last few weeks my nesting seems to have decreased... I've been sort of lazy and not as hyper vigilant about cleaning and picking things up... I hope the nesting comes back soon cause I don't have much time left.

- Strangers love to ask me when I'm due, and what the gender is, and what we are naming her. Most people love the name Sonja. Some react sort of indifferently. I don't care, I love the name. I do enjoy the attention, but sometimes it feels a little awkward. At the moment any social interaction I can get is appreciated since I have no one here to talk to except Jeff.

- Strangers have finally stopped telling me how huge I am. I guess I now look as far along as I am lol. It used to be, you're only blank blank weeks along??? You look like you could have the baby tomorrow! Now it's like.. yep... you are almost there!!! I like it a lot more when people aren't telling me I'm massive.. I know I'm massive. I have the stretch marks and the aches and pains to prove it. I also have a full length mirror.

- I have a secret fear that I'll have the baby and she will be a boy. I have so many cute girl clothes and the nursery is all girl'ed out. If somehow the ultrasound was wrong and a baby boy pops out... we are in for some serious baby clothes shopping.. and I already cut all the tags off and washed the clothes....

- I try to keep my fears at bay but ever since I got pregnant I have always feared losing the baby. I think part of why I am so anxious to have her is because I want to make sure nothing happens between now and then.

- My family has been quite amazing about this pregnancy. Everyone is so excited, and it's been really cool seeing how happy they are about baby Sonja. I mean.. every single person in my family has been extremely awesome and obviously excited about the baby... it's been incredible the support I have gotten from all of them... something I guess shouldn't surprise me. It fills me with a new love and respect for my family, and makes me incredibly grateful for them. I know several pregnant women don't get the support I'm getting, so it's really a great way for me to see my family for what they are... amazing. :)

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wow for me when any lady is pregnant they look so beautiful and very cute with a all time smile on face its lovely