Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Stole this from Ali.

Rules: Answer all with the first letter of your name.
1. What is your name: Caitlin
2. A four Letter Word: Clam
3. A boy's Name: Charley
4. A girl's Name: Cecily
5. An occupation: Crack Dealer
6. A color: Canary Yellow
7. Something you wear: Clothing
9. A food: Crumpets
10. Something found in the bathroom: Ceramic Toilets
11. A place: Cancoon
12. A reason for being late: crapped my pants
13. Something you shout: Chlamydia!
14. A movie title: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
15. Something you drink: Cranberry Juice
16. A musical group: C-Span
17. An animal: Cookoo bird

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JAG said...

Haha. You crack me up!