Monday, January 5, 2009


I realized I have failed to discuss my Christmas/New Years Eve experiences...

So when Jeff and I got back from Vegas, my mother-in-law was very excited to inform me that she found a kitten for me! The kitten, you all now know her has Akira, was in Corpus Christi, so I called the breeder and made plans to have her shipped on the day after Christmas! That was Christmas Surprise #1!!! I must say, as far as Christmas Presents go, my mother-in-law in one Christmas gave me the best present I may ever receive! I love my little Akira so much!

Then on Christmas Eve, we all went over to the Hartung's house, mommy-in-law made a yummy dinner, and we had a pajama party. Apparently this is a Hartung Tradition! What was awesome is that we all got silk pajamas, and they were all really pretty. Mine had a really cool jungly pattern with cheetah spots and tiger stripes (probably so I could match Akira). We also got robes with them. After dinner, we got to open one present. Mine was from Liz, she got me a magnet that said "Chillin with my gnomies", a really funny bank with a little girl holding a match that said "saving up for therapy" or something to that extent, and some monkey key toppers to put on my keys. Cute stuff. Jeff got a new headset for his phone, which he was very excited about. Then we stayed up and played games, we got a game called Cranium at Susan's family christmas party, so we played that and it was super fun! Plus I was kinda on Liz's team and Jeff's team, so either way I won! muahaha. Score 1 for Caitlin on strategy! Then we all went to bed, hoping to hear Santa's sleigh so we could catch him putting presents under the tree!

The next morning we all got up around the same time, came out in our Jammies, and got to make a big pile of our loot. Then we each got to open one present at a time, and then went nuts! I'd go down the list and tell you every present, but we'd be here a while, so I'll highlight the ones I remember. I got a new outfit, complete with 2 shirts, a hat, a scarf, and a gorgeous bracelet, I also got 2 new purses which I DESPERATELY needed, a new wallet which I LOVE, a pedicure set with everything possibly needed and a foot soak/massager!!! I also got a new work out DVD, which I also needed, and mainly the kitten was my big present. Jeff got that headset, a gift card to Walmart, money, new underwear (the good kind lol), etc. Andrew got a FLOWBEE!!! AHAHAHA. Actually he'll probably use it, but I never thought I'd see the day I'd encounter a real live flowbee. He also got Guitar Hero the new kind where you can add instruments. Liz got a bunch of clothes, jewelry, a huge massive amount of crocheting stuff because that's her new passion, we got her a set of bird salt and pepper shakers because she loves birds, etc. I can't remember what Scott got aside from some DVD's and a Glenn Beck book he really wanted from Liz, and then Susan got an awesome new touchscreen computer that looks really cool.

All in all, we made out pretty good this year, and i really enjoyed being with Jeff's family. Their home has a nice happy family-oriented atmosphere, and I feel like a belong there, which is a really great feeling. So... Merry Christmas!!!

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JAG said...

I have to admit that I had never heard of a Flowbee before. But now I want seven of them. Haha.