Saturday, January 17, 2009

Circuit City Crap

So today I went to check out the new Circuit City Closeout sale... since they are going out of business. I want a new camera desperately since the shutter on the one I use now popped off and I have to take pictures using a pen or something to push down the shutter... ugh... anyway, I went to Circuit City hoping to find a good deal since they're outta here, and what did I find??? HIGHER PRICES??? So... my advice to anyone thinking they're going to get a good deal, compare shop with Best Buy.... maybe that's why Best Buy isn't bankrupt? That is all.

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JAG said...

So true. Their "deals" were just percentages off of their already marked-up merchandise. Horrible. I'm going to wait til they really start slicing prices...or maybe just not go back. Whatever.
Not impressed.