Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009!

Happy Late New Year! Ours was an unplanned, unexpected, but really enjoyable one! The day before New Years Eve, I went to my aunts' house so that my cousin could fix my horribly cracked windshield. He did a great job, for a GREAT price, and I was very thankful! He has an adorable little girl, she's 2, and her name is Naudia. So I stayed inside and played with Naudia with my little ducky keychain that quacks. She really got a kick out of that. I also chatted with Naudia's mom, Erica, she's a sweet girl. My aunt sherry fed me some delicious food, and we chatted about whatever is new with us. Then, just as I was about to go, my aunt Didi woke up, so i wanted to see her and talk to her. I helped her create a facebook, and had a really enjoyable time catching up with my aunts.... I really need to hang out with them more often.

Anyways, while there, they invited me to dinner the next night, and I forgot it was New Years Eve, but said sure! I can't pass up a free meal, you see, especially when it's my Aunt Sherry's cooking, yum!

So New Years Eve, we went over and my cousin Tommy was still there (he's the one that fixed my windshield), and then my cousin Jeremy and his girlfriend came over. We had a great dinner and then played cards! I thought that I was gonna win, so I went ahead and played for nickels... unfortunally the Skip-Bo gods were not on my side, and I owed Jeremy 30 cents or something by the end of the game. Then I lost round 2 to Erica, and gave her 40 cents. So I decided that was enough losing for one day. Meanwhile, Jeff was playing for free at the other table, and doing fairly well, although their team lost the rounds I watched. They were playing Spades or something. We laughed, enjoyed each other's company, and then when the clock hit midnight, we watched the ball drop an hour later than it really had, and then watched Evil Kinevils son jump the Vegas volcano. We were hoping he'd land in the volcano so we could have something cool to talk about from our New Years.... but alas, he made the jump and so there is nothing to tell. lol.

All in all, we had a very enjoyable new years! Happy 2009!!!

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