Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good and the Bad all in one day

Tuesday, I spent the whole day inside with Akira, watching CSI together (yes, Akira actually watches TV... love it!) about the Miniature killer, and we had a good time together. All of this was in anticipation of Wednesday, when I had to betray my poor unsuspecting kitty...

So yesterday I took Akira in to get Spade... when they Spay a cat, they take it all out... thus preventing pregnancy and any ovarian or uterine cancers later in life. I hear it prolongs the life of the cat, but I still felt horrificly guilty. I'm not one that deals with others in pain well, I can be in pain and be fine with life, but I HATE it when others are in pain. Especially when it was because of a phone call I made, and then I drove her to the Cat Hospital, and then I signed the consent forms to let them cut her open. Ugh... a guilt ridden day for me. However, with that said, everyone at the Cat Hospital loved her and said she was one of the sweetest kittens (especially for being a bengal) that they had ever encountered. She is too, she doesn't bite or scratch and is very affectionate. However, when I got her home yesterday she was so hopped up on pain meds that she refused to let me anywhere near her for more than a few seconds, adding to my guilt. She also would only watch CSI with me from a good distance so as to punish me further... She is still hiding out in her little cat carrier bed. Ugh. But she's doing ok and will hopefully someday forgive me.

Meanwhile, I had girls night! Marian came over and we watched the new "Sex in the City" movie and ate Creme Brulee! It was fun! We also had girl talk and really I very much enjoyed her company. It's nice to have a friend here finally that I can talk to and have deep thoughts with. She's a really nice girl. So we're definately going to have girls night again, because we had so much fun!!!! So that was the good in the bad day... the end.


Mhari said...

Hey I used to have a bengal cat. I hope your experience is better than mine was. Ours had irritable bowel syndrome. Didn't even know felines could get it. They are such gorgeous cats though.

Dan and Merideth said...

I LOVE SEX AND THE CITY!! YEA!! Ill have to come over and watch it with you!