Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Fetching Cat and so on...

I died my hair brown... you probably all know that from my facebook, but it wasn't supposed to be brown. It was supposed to be my natural shade of dark blonde, but the guy went 1-2 shades darker cause he said it would fade into the right shade. We'll see. Either way, I like it. I think it suits me.

In other news, I've been learning how to apply eyelash extensions with my Mommy Hartung. I got them myself, and love them! I don't feel I learned the technique that well, though, so we're both going to take a second class in February to get our skills honed. I really enjoyed that time with her, though, and I think it will be REALLY fun once we start doing lashes for money! By the way I might need a few guinea pigs, so anyone who wants free lash extensions let me know.

The best part of this post is saved for last. Akira, my gorgeous Bengal, can now fetch. I learned this a while ago but forgot to post it. I was sleeping in my bed, next to my husband, happily in dreamland... when I awoke to this most annoying crinkle noise. *crinkle crinkle* POUNCE *crinkle crinkle* So I look under my bed, and Akira is going crazy trying to eat this crinkle bird of hers (In case you're wondering what a crinkle bird is, it's a bird shaped wad made of really thin sheets of aluminum or something, it sounds like a wrapper being wadded up). So, being a loving mother, I take away the bird, and hide it under Jeff's leg. Soon, she begins pouncing on his leg, so I throw it so she'll let him sleep. Promptly, she comes back with the bird, lays it on my leg, and pounces it again. So I pick it up and throw it, and she brings it back yet again. Annoyed, I took the bird and hid it behind a picture frame on a shelf she can't reach. This was the beginning of my realization.

So, the next day I sit on the couch and prepare Akira for our daily dose of CSI. She jumps off the couch and goes after her crinkle bird again, and I watch her. Soon, she brings the bird onto the couch and plops it in front of me. So I take the bird and I throw it, to see if she'll chase. She does, and brings it back to me, waiting for me to throw it again! SHE FREAKING FETCHES!!! I LOVE this cat!!!!!!!!!! In secondary news, she also knows what "face rubbies" means, and when I say it, she nuzzles me with her face. It's so cute!


Dan and Merideth said...

I really enjoy reading your blog! Your always so cute and have so much to say!

Hey you might not want your hair to fade, I think darker cor lighter always looks better than the "natural" shade god gave us.

good Luck!

JAG said...

I'll take some extra lashes. We all know I need them... haha