Friday, January 30, 2009

Excuse me, can I get some sexy arms with a side of Abs of STEEL?

So a friend of mine, Marian, turned me on to a new work out video. I am not a workout video kind of girl, normally. I've tried pilates dvd's, belly dancing, strip tease with carmen electra, and even a workout with barbie video (Melissa, Aubrey, and Lorraine might know what I'm talking about with that)... but, she sold me by showing me this lady's DVD, because the lady on the cover is only 5'1", like me, and has my same body shape... but a lot smaller. So I was like, holy crap if she can look like that, I should look like that because we're built the same, you can tell. So I watch the part of the DVD where she explains her method and basically says that she's greek and built to be larger, but has dedicated the past 10 years to researching and developing a method of workout that actually makes you smaller, but tighter and leaner. Why did she dedicate such a long time to that? Well, she was an incredible dancer, but gained weight around 18 years old and wasn't allowed to dance professionally because she was built like a GYMNAST, also like me. Not the dancer part but the being built like a gymnast part. So I decided to research her online. Found a few things about her past that were kinda weird, but people are stupid when they're young. I also found a 9-page review of her DVD on a fitness website, and it gave her a really good review, saying the workout was hard, very unique, and it worked! So I bought 2 of them, they are called:

The Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout DVD; and
The Tracy Anderson Method Dance Aerobics DVD...

So yesterday I finally tried out the Mat Workout because it's the one that is supposed to be most beneficial, and I was lazy that day... boy was I in for it!

Not only did my legs light on fire, but she does this arm workout that absolutely kills you! And there are only 3lb weights involved... wow. I mean, she has you holding your arms up for what feels like 10 years, and when you finally get to stop, you can hardly lift the water bottle to your lips for a quick thirst quencher. Ok, so I give her mat workout DVD 5 stars because not only did I get a kick-butt workout, I actually enjoyed it too. Although parts of it were hard to follow cause she's not the best at explaining what she's doing every step of the way. So to seal the deal and make you guys go out and buy this (and no, I don't get any credit if you go buy this DVD, I just think every woman should own and use it)... I am going to tell you the last seller. Gweneth Paltrow, and Madona, are trained by this woman... and swear by her... and if nothing else, you can look at those people and see what wonderful bods they have. Madona is finally starting to lose that creepy bodybuilder bod, and leaning up... and Gwen Paltrow just looks great like always. Seriously, try it, I'll keep you posted on what changes I see in my own physique! What's also an added bonus, she's got a pregnancy workout! For when I have mini-Caitlin/Jeff's!!!

Here's her official website:
You can buy her DVD's here:
and if you want to read the same review I did:

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JAG said...

Good for you, Katykins! I hope this works really well for you. It sounds like it will! :D