Friday, February 13, 2009

Akira Update

Yesterday I took in the bag of poop to the Vet's house. To reward myself for getting it done without vomiting, I bought myself a green tea latte (again, addicted). I then drove home and waited for the news while I did math homework (not my idea of a good time). Well, I got good news and bad news. Good news: I didn't have to collect a pee sample anymore because they knew what was wrong. Bad news: Akira has Giardia. What is Giardia? It's a parasite that causes diareah, and yes, it can be passed on to humans. YAY! I think I might have it to now... Jeff might too. If it isn't Giardia it's this rare breed-specific disease that is much harder to get rid of. It's found in Bengals alone, so we're hoping this 7 day batch of antibiotics works and cures her, and if it does, Jeff and I will go get tested for Giardia (although it's a great way to lose weight lol). In even better news, the second house we just put a bid on will probably be sold to someone else with a higher offer. Unfortunately for Jeffrey and I, we live in one of the LEAST affected cities in America as far as the economy goes. Even though Dell has laid of thousands of people, and there are tons of forclosed homes here, we're not even close to what California or Chigaco have seen. So the hunt continues... Thanks for your concern about my poor poopy baby. I love that girl, she's just the most sweet, adorable kitty ever.