Monday, February 2, 2009

Update on House

We didn't get the house... someone put a bid in before we got the chance, and now the seller wants $145,000 for it in order for them to take our bid over the other, and it's not worth that much... so yeah.... all excited and worked up for nothing....

and to complete my craptastic day, Akira laid a big pile of poop under the keyboard Jeff bought me... yep... right after I heard the bad news on the house, I get home and have to clean up a very disgusting, fresh, steaming, pile of poop that was the consistency of pudding... and somehow managed to splash on the wall and paw prints all over the house in poop. Yep... don't know why... not sure how she thought that was ok....

Blog OUT


Dan and Merideth said...

Oh gosh! sorry about that horrible day! I had just read the first post about the house and was in disbeliefe at first that you would want such a trashed out place... but it being a great buy and all I understood.

Im sorry that you had to loose it! It sucks when you know a good thing was just under your nose!

Hope that poop thing with bad kitty stops soon! good luck and cheer up!

Meghan said...

I'm liking this cat more and more. Can I also say you mean deduce not conduce.

Sam said...

sorry about the crappy day... haha get it?

and, please end every post with "blog out".


i love your blog.