Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Anni-freakin-versary...

Well, this past weekend we celebrated our Anniversary Uno! Fortunately, we decided to make it a whole weekend thing instead of just celebrating today, Monday, because Jeff would have to work and I was supposed to go to school. Saturday and Sunday were pretty good. We went out to Gumbo's which is the place we went right after Jeff proposed to me, we went shopping and bought an omlet pan and apx 60 books (not exaggerating at all, luckily most were $1)... we went a little nuts. Also, my favorite purchase of the weekend, my new Sony Cyber-shot:

She's a beauty, isn't she? Got her for $109 dollars because they couldn't get rid of the pink ones... and they had several only in pink. Only they didn't know that I really, secretly, wanted the pink one... if for no other reason than because Jeff was vehemently against a pink camera! muahaha! The best part is that I had a gift card for $100, and Jeff had a gift card for $100, and another gift card with a smaller amount on it... so we got the camera, a memory card, a carrying case, and a video game without spending one dime of our own! woohoo thanks Mom and Dad merry christmas to us! And now a posting of a few of the photos I have taken with my new love:

As you can see the last picture I took is of my newest anniversary gift... prescription meds to cure my new lung disease. I am not sure what I have exactly but it's basically a lung infection that isn't as bad as bronchitis but could turn into it if I don't watch it. I found out that what I thought was just a minor cough was pretty serious today when I tried to do Aerobics, and 3 minutes into it couldn't breath. So I rushed to the Dr. and he said I'm supposed to take Amoxicillin to get rid of the infection, and the steroid Prednisone to turn myself into a big hairy man (I guess this helps your lungs get big and strong to avoid infection?). Unfortunately for those of you who were secretly excited to watch my slow transformation into a big hairy man, I will not be taking the Prednisone because I feel like the amoxicillin will do just fine. Inflamation schminflamation!!! But just for fun, here is a mock post-steroid photo of ME:

Create your own FACEinHOLE

You love it! Back off ladies, I'm taken!

Blog Out.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is halarious!(heman picture)I think all of your blogs are great.They make me feel somewhat connected with you guys. You are a very humorist person and you crack me up! By the way...HAPPY 1yr ANNIVERSARY!!!

JAG said...

Sexy pic. Dang Jeff for taking you away from me!! ;)

Nancy Sigerson said...

Well done, Koobies!! I loved it!!! You are hilarious.

The Wiese's said...

Happy anniversary again! Cute camera, I would have chosen the pink one also. And you look pretty good as the Caitlinator...too think maybe you'll re-think taking those steroids?1?!