Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Update

Ahh... I'd like to start this post with a sigh of relief. Why? Well, last week I was going through extreme mood swings and lethargy. I literally had to drink a green tea a day just to get myself through the day. Luckily, I am back on my feet today and feeling great (although I did endulge myself in yet another green tea latte, I think I have a problem...)!

This weekend was really really awesome. I feel like it was good bonding time for Jeff and me. Friday night we had a date night, went out to eat at this French restaurant called Le Madelein (which was NOT very good by the way) by ourselves, came home and played a new game together, and ended up staying up till about 2 am laughing. Then Saturday morning we went and looked at 3 more houses, and decided that we liked 2 of them. We are deciding between those 2 and another 1 that I liked from before for which house we're going to put a bid on. Luckily it was a short and sweet tour of homes, and we were back home by 3. We then went to get sushi at our favorite little restaurant (Hayashi) which is always really tasty. Saturday night we went over to Jeff's parents house where Liz, Andrew, and Chris and Tom came over and we all watched this really weird movie which I forgot the title of already. It was kinda stupid though, so no need to remember the title, cause I won't ever be looking to watch it again. Sunday, Jeff and I decided to go look at those houses again so we could figure out which house we should buy. We still haven't made a decision but I'm rooting for the one in Georgetown cause it's a better neighborhood. The one I really don't want has creepy across-the-street neighbors that have been sitting in their garage staring at us both times we've visited the home. They don't look like people you want to be friends with either. However, that home is the least in need of fixing up, and it's cheaper, so I might end up having to deal with creepy neighbors for a few years. Ugh. Maybe we'll buy some really large shrubs. lol. Also, over the weekend, we bought Akira a new squeaky mouse that you hang from the door (she broke the last one)... it is a great source of entertainment to watch her try to attack this mouse. She keeps trying to squeak in mouse language, and the resulting chirp noise is sooooo hilarious. Also, the old mouse she broke (ripped it off the string and broke it's voice box) is now our new favorite toy for her to fetch. Not only is it easier for her to carry in her mouth, but I can throw that thing a lot farther since it's not made of lightweight foil stuff... awesome.

And with that, I just want to add that I am so happy that I have such a wonderful little family. I love them so much, and wouldn't trade the life I have now for anyone elses!

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