Saturday, February 21, 2009

A tribute to our 1st year together...

One year ago this Monday, Jeff and I got married at the Round Rock Marriot. It was a beautiful wedding (if I do say so myself), and the best part about it was joining hands with my best friend, Jeffrey, while being surrounded by my very best friends and beloved family members! I want to give a shout out to Meghan Hoke, my maid of honor, who traveled all the way from Africa last year to be there for me. We may have had a few kinks we had to work out before the wedding, but in the end Meghan came through for me like only my big sister can. I also couldn't have gotten through the wedding chaos without my girls Lorraine (thank you so much for getting there a week before and just helping me get the last minute crap out of the way!!!), Cecily (if you hadn't been there to calm me down, paint my toes, and just be amazing I wouldn't have made it to the alter!!!), Ali (always the life of the party, it wouldn't have been the same without you girl), and of course my sisters Rebekah (you looked gorgeous!!!), and Valerie (so did you!!!). Actually all my bridesmaids were gorgeous girls, I'm gonna post a picture of them:

Top Row, L to R: Meghan, Me, Rebekah
Bottom Row, L to R: Cecily, Ali, Valerie

I especially loved that everyone let loose on the dance floor! I love to dance, as you all know... and this really made my wedding awesome!

This photo Jeff's dancing with my girls, Cecily, Ali, and Lorraine

Here I am dancing with Rebekah... I taught her everything there is to know about the sprinkler...

And of course I had to dance with my mom... I opted not to put the booty dancing picture...

Since our wedding, a lot has changed... Ali got married soon after I did, Lorraine is engaged and will be married in May. Meghan moved to Korea to teach english, Cecily is still going to school to study fashion design and Rebekah is making it through Jr.High.

As for us, our first year together has been an amazing adventure! We moved into our first (and hopefully last) apartment together, I quit my job at the hospital and went back to school full time to become a personal trainer, We've both matured... a lot... I think married life does that to you. Jeff's gotten a few raises and more responsibilities at work, we also added a new addition to our family, Akira Couture, our lovable Bengal. We've both started learning to cook, developing our skills with Rock Band, lol, and in general our biggest lesson has been learning to live together (which wasn't that hard thank goodness). Now that a year has passed, I can reflect on it and think how much Jeff has changed my life for the better. Before Jeff, I was a whole person. I was ok on my own, enjoyed dating, and dated many people. I had a good job, lived with my awesome hilarious aunts, and was slowly figuring out who I wanted to be in life. I'd been through the trenches already. When I met Jeff, he changed my life completely. Now I am a whole half of a bigger whole! (not to be mistaken for hole). My life has different meaning, and I have a better picture of my future in mind. I'm happier, my self-confidence has never been higher, I'm in love, I live with a person who makes me better, treats me like a princess, and encourages me to be the best version of me that I can be. It's wonderful being with someone who makes me feel happy, alive, and joyous! We laugh so much together, act like idiots and do really immature things to each other, but our life is so happy! I never worry he'll be mad at me or hold something against me, and I can be completely 100% ME, the best ME I've ever been!!! I think Jeff's also changed for the better. He doesn't work 24/7 anymore, he's always happy, (even though he seemed to be before, I like to take credit for that), we change the lyrics to songs together, have pillow fights, poke fights, water fights... fun fights. Our life is amazing.
So to all the people who told me we were too young to get married, to those who thought we got married too fast, and those who made bets on it not lasting a year... guess what? you're probably not even reading my blog... lol... but YOU WERE WRONG. I have NEVER been HAPPIER in my LIFE! (Although working at Disney World was awesome, college life with Ali rocked, and my senior year of high school was pretty bad A)... none of them beat being married to Jeffrey Scott Hartung. So... here's to a happy year. May we have many babies 5 years from now!


The Wiese's said...

Oh YAY Caitlin and Jeff! We're both so happy for you and so happy that you're so happy. It only gets better and better. Congratulations! :)

JAG said...

I'm glad you guys are so happy with each other! Marriage is the best!! :)