Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I have blogged about Akira pooping on the carpet a few weeks ago. Well, 2 days ago she did it again, and I was like, what the hell? And Jeff said the magic words "Well, as long as she doesn't pee on it, it's ok, cause that would suck." What do I wake up to the very next morning? The sound of pee hitting the dresser where Jeff's things are. Oh man... I popped out of bed so fast, cleaned it up and hit google to figure out why she's doing this. Many said it could be a UTI or a zillion other reasons including stress and a not clean enough litter box. The thing is, we just changed out the litter so it was fresh, never used... so maybe she was mad we cleaned her box? I have no clue. So I took her into the vet. He said he didn't think it was a UTI but he'd need to get her pee. She spent the whole day and didn't pee once at his office, I brought her home and they make me use this tin foil "litter box" with beads that don't absorb and I'm supposed to wait for her to use it. Then I have to collect the pee in this little syringe. yuck. Instead, she decided it was a toy and spilt the beads all over the floor. YAY! More cleanup time for me!

So I take a bathroom break and when I come out, the smell of fresh poo entrances my ol' factory senses. Yep, one more time, lets clean up. So I find the pile and it has blood on it! I'm really freaked out now, I call the vet and his assistant tells me to bag it in a ziplock baggie, and save it in the fridge... oh my gosh... it was so gross. I almost died. I think I passed out a few times before it was bagged and in the fridge (I double bagged it). Then we made her spend the night in the bathroom with the litterbox hopefully she peed. I'm now going to let her out and hope I can collect more wonderful samples to take to our dear old vet. Next time he can collect his own, cause that's something I paid him to do.

I am worried, though, blood in stool is never a good sign...


Sam said...

oh no.. I hope your kitty is ok.

Why do our children have such poopy problems?

JAG said...

Sick, dude. Makes me thankful I don't have kids yet... ;)