Monday, March 16, 2009

More dreams and Spring Break Crisis

So today was day #1 of spring break. I've already decided this may be the worst spring break in the history of spring breaks. I'm trying not to be negative lol, but it's hard sometimes. I'll start with the dream I had last night:

I dreamt that I somehow ended up trapped in this polygamist's mobile home, and he was driving me far away from my family. When we got to his home, there were several (like 15) "wives" he'd forced to marry him. I refused to marry him, but he didn't care because it wasn't like it was legal anyway. I spent a good half a dream (weeks, in dream time) rallying up the other women, who's spirits were already broken, trying to get them to fight with me and get out of there! I also spent it beating the crap out of that guy any chance I got. He would come near me and I'd start kicking and hitting, biting and scratching, until he left me alone. Scary. I was plotting a revolution(very involved), when I realized that I was in a huge colony of polygamists. I found my friend, Summer, there. She was unhappy, but too scared to help me escape. I vowed I would leave and come back for her and all the other women. Then I found a cell phone and gave it to Summer. I went back prepared to take this guy down, he was old and creepy as most polygamists are portrayed. When I got back, I found the most timid of his wives pointing a gun at him, while he laughed at her, knowing she wasn't strong enough to pull the trigger. Her gun was shaking and then she dropped it to the floor. As it dropped, he swung at her and started beating her. I lunged for the gun, and grabbed it. I pointed it directly at him, steady, like a pro. He looked at me and dared me to do it. I shot him in the center of his belly, while he looked on in disbelief. I then fired a second time, this time at his face. But, there was no ammo left in the gun, so I left him (hoping he'd die bleeding through his stomach wound), stole a 4-wheeler, and high tailed it home, to my husband and family. When I got home, I called Summer and told her I was ready to bring an army to rescue her. She asked me not to, said she'd gotten used to her life and didn't want to change anymore. It was so sad. But before I could go save her anyway, I woke up.

Interesting eh? That was the most interesting part of my day. I woke up, went to this granite place and talked to Mhari about Granite counter tops, did 60 mins of cardio exercise, went grocery shopping, came home and wrote this blog. Sad part is... the only things left to do on my To-Do list are very short and mostly boring... like homework. Ew. And well... that's almost it. I have 2 training sessions with Jake, which I look forward to, and 1 very much appreciated massage/half day of beauty left over from my birthday that I'm cashing in on Wednesday. All my friends are working... I have no one to lay out by the pool with me. WHY????

But in good news, we might close on the house THIS THURSDAY!!! WOOT WOOT! How awesome would that be??? Then we can get down to business, and I won't be as bored. So... yeah... I'm having my early-20's crisis this week. I'm just so sick and tired of TV and computer. I want to DO something... so I can have stuff to write about in my blog.

Oh... last weekend was nice. Jeff and I found really great kitchen appliances from KITCHENAID at this scratch and dent place called GRAND APPLIANCES or something like that. They are all black and our dishwasher is gonna be SWEET! It's two drawer pull out dishwasher, so we can cut our water usage in half by just using one drawer when we have so few dishes anyway. Our fridge is really neat cause it's really space-efficient, and has a built in water filter (THANK YOU!!!) instead of me having to use the britta and fill it up every two hours. UGH. I tried to convince Jeff that we shouldn't install our microwave, but he's not quite with the program, oh well. We also found a range that goes with both the fridge and the dishwasher. It's gas, and is also a convection oven! YAHOO! I didn't really know what those did till that same day when my mom told me I had to get one and magically the one I wanted was one! So lucky!

Jeff and I were SUPPOSED to go to the bead show with Marian, but we got so caught up at the stupid appliance store that we were late, then Jeff insisted we get lunch, and his parents invited us out, so it never happened. I felt bad, though, cause I thought it would be fun. Then Sunday was nice cause it was super relaxing and we watched Predator 2, which totally disappointed me because where was Arnold? I just missed Arnold the whole time.

And that pretty much sums up everything that I have to say right now.

Blog Out.

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JAG said...

Oh Katy. You crack me up. I wish you were here - I'm not going to work and you're not going to school. It's the PERFECT week!! Happy St. Patty's Day!!! :)