Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So I've been unintentionally attempting suicide. This may seem like an oxymoron... how can one attempt suicide if it's unintentional? By not reading labels, that's how.

For a few weeks I have been overdosing on Iron. Iron can kill you. It's the number 1 poisoning death in children under age 6. So I'm stupider than a 1st grader. I came to this realization today, when I went and bought a new bottle of Iron, thinking how fast the first bottle had gone. I was reading the side of the box when I read the dosage was supposed to be 2 teaspoons, or 10 ml, twice a day. It also said "half a cap." The bottle comes with a cap that has a line marked about halfway up. I, being a trusting consumer, believed that mark was the "half-way mark." WRONG! When I looked at the millileter markings, 10 ml was halfway to the stupid mark on the cap! UGH! Don't they know they're confusing people? How could I be so stupid? Luckily for me, most days I forgot to take my second daily dose, which probably saved me from an iron-related death. I might have to write a letter to that stupid company congratulating them on pulling one over on me.

Yeah, that's about as interesting as it gets, folks. I would like to mention, also, that recently I've been "studying" for my Math class. More like, learning what I'm supposed to already know so that I can go take the test. My stupid teacher sucks balls at teaching. He must've gone to ACC. BURN! So I have to reteach myself everything straight out of the text book... it makes me relive those days when my mom homeschooled me around 5th grade... one day she came to me, tossed me the Pre-Algebra book and said "I don't really remember how to do Algebra, so teach yourself." Thanks mom. No really, thanks to my mom making me teach myself, I know Algebra REALLY well. I not only taught myself Pre-Algebra, but also Algebra, and now College level Algebra (a little harder now that I'm old and set in my ways). I might also mention that I got a perfect score on the Algebra 2 SOL in 10th grade, and I spent half the year in the back of the class talking to my friends and drawing funny (but mean) pictures of the teacher. So this should be a cinch, but it's NOT. So, I pray that the Algebra genes kick back in so I can get an A on this test.

That's all.

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