Sunday, March 8, 2009

Candida Cleanse

So I started the cleanse yesterday. Basically I am taking a really really strong probiotic/antifungal in order to get rid of the systemic candida that my nutritionist and I believe I have. She told me the symptoms vary from person to person but basically I'm going to have a rough time the first 3 days or so. Yesterday I definately felt the initial effects of the cleanse. I wanted sugar SO BAD, I was getting really irritated with Jeff for not understanding my needs lol, and basically all I wanted to do was wrap myself in my giant feather blanket and shut out the world. She told me to write out my cravings, and just in case I forget I'll let you know what I've craved so far: Sugar, Cake, Fruit, BREAD, Sourdough bread, non-alcoholic beer (which I've never tasted), ice cream, PIZZA, carbs in general... ah and the fun has just begun. Today is day 2 and we'll see what new exciting things it will bring! I've also been unusually tired... which I suppose could be a side effect as well. Lucky for me I hate mushrooms and I can't have most breads which contain Yeast, so it's easier for me to avoid them. But... yeah, I might not be in the most positive of moods for the next few days so I'll try my hardest to remain nice to people. ANYWHOsies... that is all

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