Monday, March 2, 2009

Eye Opening Info

Today I went to see the nutritionist at the Plumblossom Wellness Center. Now, we all know that I am a trusting person, HOWEVER, to prove myself to my faithful readers, I have done the homework to back my nutritionist up. That being said, here are some of the very important peices of information she gave me, which I will now be passing on to you.

I am a changed woman from this day forth. First item of business, I am completely removing the microwave from my world. Hence forth and forever, I will never use a microwave again. According to Celeste, the russians invented the microwave as a convenient way to heat food for their soldiers. After numerous studies, they realized that these machines were actually making some of the soldiers crazy. So they banned it from Russia, and marketed it to the rest of the world. Here's an article on it, I found many like it:

Another amazing find for the day: I told her I believe I am allergic to gluten. She asked my for the symptoms involved and I explained them. I'll spare you all the details. She agreed that I probably do have gluten intolerance, not allergy. She said I probably do not produce the right enzyme to properly digest gluten. She said this is a problem because that means there are still gluten particles in my intestines that haven't been digested, and that studies have suggested a link between gluten intolerance and ADD and later Alzheimers (YIKES!). LUCKY for MEEEE there is a solution to my problemo! Glutenzyme. It breaks down the gluten particles left over in your body that it can't absorb, and should I decide one day to take a big bite of french bread (heaven forbid) I can take 2 glutenzymes and it should be ok.

We also talked about a few of the other symptoms I have, mainly things most people overlook. Like how I have poor circulation, my hands and feet get cold easily, if I don't eat regularly I get faint and light headed, how sometimes I get heart palpitations for no reason. What's cool, is she shares these types of symtoms but has kept them well under control. She still needs to review my symptoms though to give me a full diagnosis.

Then I told her about my addiction to SUGAR. It felt like AA... so liberating to get that off my chest... I told her how sometimes I just can't take sitting at home wishing I had candy, I get in my car, drive to the store, just to get a big bag of it... I crave it morning noon and night... sometimes I get angry when I can't have any. I sneak it so Jeff won't find out. I'm like a freaking candiholic! I told her my husband finds this really abnormal and she agreed. Then she told me she might know what is causing this, Systemic Candida. I looked it up. It's really quite fascinating.

She might be right. Either way I made several purchases today based on her suggestions. One was Glutenzyme, the other was a probiotic treatment usually used for doctors (because they are around sick people all day). This treatment boosts your immune system and almost resets it, and should whipe out any type of disease like Systemic Candida. She also introduced me to this amazing gluten-free grain-type thing called "Quinoa." It's a carb and protein all in one! I'm trying it out tonight to see if I like it.

We went over a lot of stuff about food, and her recommendations. Basically don't eat anything that's far from it's natural state. No frozen dinners, packaged/processed foods... mainly a mediteranean diet. Good stuff. Also recommended Whole Milk instead of Skim because it's only processed once instead of multiple times to get the fat out, and our bodies recognize what it is better. Also eat 6x a day, every 2 hours. Never eat more protein than your fist, and always eat protein with carbs and veggies. That's the gist. I hope this will help.


Michelle said...

when we lived in that crazy ghetto house near state street, i did a candida cleanse and it really helped with my sugar addiction. said...

That's why we love Celeste.

Anonymous said...

Caitlin! You might be the best student EVER! I am so impressed with your memory and how much you actually gained from our one hour session!!! You're amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Caitlin- Your blogs are awesome! Holy crap, that's scary that microwaves could be making people kukoo.
PS my eyelashes have been so lovely thanks to you :-)

Anonymous said...

i still say this idea is nutty.