Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Irony Gods Strike Again

It always happens this way. I post a blog worrying that I'm pregnant, and then my body disproves my theory once again. Sorry ya'll... no babies this time. We're still wanting to travel and stuff, so we're not trying, but of course I always think I'm pregnant because secretly my body really wants to be, just my brain does not agree. So on the very day I tell the whole blog community that I might be pregnant, irony gods attack. Anyways... false alarm. At least now the excruciating back pain I was experiencing while jogging is understandable. I really need to calm down and not write everything that's on my mind. So... woohoo! Now I can go to Japan and visit my brother! I can travel Europe and go backpacking! YAY! Freedom is still mine!

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