Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Caitlin and her thoughts...

So today wasn't so bad. Actually, I really should start with yesterday. Yesterday I was in a good mood. I went and worked out with Jake again, he told me I should be feeling my butt muscles work and the hamstrings. I thought he was losing his mind, I couldn't feel anything. Today I can hardly walk. My butt hurts so bad I was limping all the way over to Salon 505, where I had a half day of beauty. So... here's to Jake being an awesome trainer and making me pay for my amazing muscles (someday they shall appear when I lose the layers of fat atop them).

After that, I came home and spent some time with Akira. I introduced her to the back porch and we like to hang out out there and stare at the people below. Pictures will be posted as soon as the good computer is fixed. This peice of CRAP laptop is hella-old, and I can barely look at 2 webpages at a time, forget downloading pictures.

Jeff came home LATE as he has been doing regularly because his work is really hard and his boss is out of town so he's doing 2 jobs at once. Lonely for me :(. He had to do more work when he got home, but I convinced him to go for a walk with me because he needed a break. So we decided to try and take Akira with us on her little pink leash/harness. It went really well! Akira LOVED being outside, even though she had no idea what all these new things were (grass, leafs, sticks, etc.). She even made it up a tree! Kind of. Then a lady came by walking her dog... Akira wanted a closer look at the dog, but the dog ran away. I have video... again, you'll see that later.

Today I went to Salon 505. First I got a massage (SO NICE!), realized that I carry a lot of tension in my traps/shoulder muscles. It hurt. Then I got a facial and my facialist told me that my skin is about to rupture into a full blown breakout. WHAT??? Yes... she asked if I had changed my diet recently. Yes. She said my skin is detoxing with the rest of my body. Suckage. But in the good news, my massuse told me I have great muscle tone and wanted to know my weight loss secrets, so I at least got some good news.

After my massage and facial, I went downstairs and got my mani/pedi done. What was nice is that the manicurist didn't scold me for biting my nails (YES I STILL BITE THEM, SCREW YOU IF YOU DON'T APPROVE). *ahem* Anyways... and my pedicurist was ADORABLE! She's Iranian or something, and loves talking about everything. We talked about this crazy guy that calls her a lot, she's so fun to be around, though, I want to adopt her as an aunt. So by the time I got out of that place, it was 3:00pm. I hadn't eaten for 5 hours! UGH NO! I almost barfed I was so sick from the hunger. So I found this greek place and got some quick greek food. Turns out it was DELICIOUS! Was it because I was so hungry? Maybe. Either way I'm going back. Wow. YUM. I had lamb meat, and some hummus. The hummus was not so great but the LAMB! Perfectisimo! Oh crap I'm drooling.

Then I had to run to the Giant Discount Appliances and give them more money so I could get the range we wanted. I'm glad I did it today because we're closing tomorrow and it had to be done by today. Also they only have the 2 floor models left, so it was a close call! After that, I went and got Akira's medicine because she has trichaparasiteosis or something to that effect. I found out that (as usual) I was right and Jeff was wrong. It is ok to give your cat milk. You just have to make sure she doesnt get diarrhea. SO HA! Score 1 for Caitlin! Also the medicine we got is in pill form (fun) and we have to somehow cram it down her throat or possibly trick her into eating it but still swallowing it whole. I think I'll leave this task to my loving husband... yes... muahaha. That cat's viscious, and when she finds we've tricked her, she won't be nice about it. She really could be my own flesh and blood with her level of vengeance seeking. Gotta love that about her.

Anyways, I might've just bored you all to tears, my bad. But I just felt like sharing my day(s) and hope you enjoyed living in my shoes for a few minutes.

Caitlin's Blog, OUT!


JAG said...

I wish I lived in Austin to have fun adventures with you! Congrats again on the house!!! :D

The Wiese's said...

Oh yes, living in your shoes sure is interesting. At least it seems more fun than my life :(