Thursday, March 19, 2009

House Love

Today we closed on our house (don't be fooled, it's not the one pictured above)! Tomorrow we get the keys! I'm SO excited, and I just can't hide it!!!! And then we came home and Akira peed in our closet. I'm not going to comment on that. Let's just say I'm pissed... and not in the relieving way Akira is. I knew she was too good to be true. Looks like I'm gonna have to lock her in whatever room we put her litter box in for a good day or 2 until she learns that if she pees outside that room, I will use her as my next fur coat.

So closing was a bit of an adventure. Ok, not really. Jeff signed 1,000 papers and I got to sign 2. I felt a little left out, but my hand thanked me for not giving it a cramp. I also went to Central Market today and got groceries. I really like Central Market because it's all/mostly organic, but it doesn't rip you off half as bad as Whole Foods does. So yay! After I got the groceries, I realized I didn't have time to take them home with me before the meeting started to sign all the documents and get our house. So I took the groceries in with me for the signing. It was almost empowering. It's like, 'I know this is really weird and random, but I'm just gonna bring my groceries in with me for this meeting.' I felt all rebellious. I think I should do more things like this. Kinda like back in high school, I used to go to seminary at 4am with my mom, because she taught the Freshmen class which started at 5am. I used to bring my hot rollers and wear them the entire seminary class. Then we started bringing blankets and slippers. Next thing you know, seminary turns into a giant slumber party! I loved those times.

Obviously you can tell I have nothing important or interesting to really talk about. I just felt like saying hello to my peeps again. Love you guys. Miss you. Wish you were here with me so you cound enjoy wrecking down the walls in my house and watching Jeff rebuild them. Those will be good times. :D

Blog Out.

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