Thursday, March 12, 2009

Heart Attack Central

So today I went and worked out with Jake. It was fun. I've been extra tired from this cleanse, but I made it through, and I accomplished an exercise I have never done before, cleans. I love that Jake can push me further than I would push myself, and also that he makes me do more weight than I would do on my own. It makes my workouts that much better. Also, it's really great getting the technique right, because I've never had anyone work one on one and teach me that.

After the workout, I went to this organic burger place called P something... I forgot the name. But it's good. I ordered a cheese burger, no bun. Yeah, she looked at me strange, but not too strange, so I guess people order crap like that all the time. I also talked to my friend Ali for a long time, which was nice cause we don't talk as much as I wish we did. Then I drove to the Petsmart to get Akira some kitty food and bought her some kitty milk cause Jeff doesn't like that I feed her real milk. But she's my everything so I want her to have the best.

Today I got the biggest scare of my life when I came home. I saw a bunch of equipment outside my door and the door was slightly ajar. I was like, oh crap. See we just got this flier talking about how there'd been a bunch of car robberies and to be extra careful with your home. The first thing I thought was that if someone was robbing my house they'd for sure take my leopard printed cat. So I burst in, ready for a throw down, cause no one robs me from my baby. It wasn't robbers, it was some guys cleaning out our fireplace. I knew they were coming but forgot. So I was like, where's my cat? And the guy said that she had run back towards the bathroom. The only door open for her to get into was the bathroom so I went in there and she wasn't there. Then I searched the entire apartment for her and couldn't find her. I started freaking out. I was like... where's my cat? Did she get outside? The guy swore to me that she was still in the apartment somewhere. Then I started thinking, what if he took her? And I was searching outside practically screaming for her. I searched the apartment 3 times and could not find her ANYWHERE. Oh man. I nearly lost my mind right there. I was not about to lose this beautiful kitten I have invested time, and most importantly love. The poor fireplace cleaner guy was so worried, but still promised me he hadn't let her out, told me he's got kittens of his own and knows how important she is to me. So as he left and put his equipment away I screamed her name again and herad a rustle in the laundry room. I opened the door and called her again, sweetly. I heard her behind me, shut the door and found her stuck between the wall and the fridge. As you can all imagine, I cried a little with relief. Fireplace dude came back and offered to help me find her and I thanked him profusely and told him I found her behind the fridge. Moral of the story... if I'm this neurotic now, what kind of mother will I be someday? I just can't explain to you what an amazing cat I have. I'm so lucky. She's amazing, cute, fun, funny, playful, obedient, smart, she's learned everything I've ever tried to teach her. She cuddles with me... sleeps next to me after Jeff goes to work. She's my child. Yesterday I taught her hide-n-seek. It's so cute. I poke my eyes up and she RUNS as fast as she can and pops up and scares me. So cute!

Anyways, I'd like to take the opportunity to say thanks to God for giving me such an amazing husband and kitten and thanks for not letting anything happen to her today.

Blog Out.

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Sam said...

I enjoyed this story. I'm glad you found her but the story was pretty entertaining! :)